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Bible study is just walking with God one wonder-filled,

We cannot fight the good fight if we don’t know what we’re doing. It is imperative that we know and understand the Bible so we don’t make the common mistake of fighting this spiritual war by relying on the arm of flesh. This is a basic Bible study not because The Age of Reason is easy or simplistic, but because getting to know God’s Instruction Manual must be the first step to becoming a mature soldier of Christ who is properly trained up in the way he should go.


Conveniently organized by subject into 50 chapters.


Master Bible doctrine and see Christianity’s big picture with this

plainly-worded Bible study that has been helping Christians since 1999.


Gain a Biblical perspective that clarifies world history and current events.


Have the kind of understanding that enables you to confidently discuss

all Bible doctrines.


Acquire the confidence and lasting motivation that come from knowing

the truth and walking together with the Lord.


Avoid the apostasy within the church during these dark last days.


Help Christians repent, grow, and develop into Biblical warriors.


Obtain the kind of advanced, comprehensive Bible education you only

hoped you’d get when you paid for your doctorate in theology.


Study this book (selected by a Bible institute as a textbook for both

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After you finish The Age of Reason Bible study, continue your

education with The War College and The Trumpets.


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** Introduction

This overview is also a resounding call to arms for Bible-believing warriors.




H1  Lucifer’s Rebellion

This beginning was the foundation for everything: the war; morality (from the forbidden tree of

knowledge); & the shared principle behind fornication, gluttony, drunkenness, & democracy.


H2  God’s Special People

This (with D7 & D8) explains why saints are different.


H3  The Whoredom of Peor

How to corrupt God’s people.


H4  A House Divided Against Itself

God’s people erred and were therefore split into Judah and Israel.


H5  The Age of Alexander (600 B.C. - 400 A.D.)

He conquered the world and spread the leaven of Greek philosophy/Reason.


H6  The Age of Augustine (400 - 1300 A.D.)

He became important by subtly using Greek philosophy to interpret Christian doctrines.


H7  The Dark Ages

Barbarians almost extinguished Enlightened scholarship...the Crusades brought it back.


H8  The Age of Aquinas (1300 - Second Coming)

How Reason became “Christian” well as the foundation of Western civilization.


H9  Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation

How Reason spread from Catholicism to Protestantism and Western society.


H10  The British Enlightenment

How Puritans used Reason to “modernize” gov’t (democracy) and doctrine (theology).


H11  The American Colonies

How the Enlightenment’s “Freedom” became a traditional part of modern Christianity.


H12  The Power of Preaching

How the Enlightenment spread from preachers to pewsters in the American colonies.


H13  One-Man Revolution

How the few convinced the many in the American colonies that England was evil.


H14  The Government of the Founding Fathers

The men, the District of Columbia, the Tripoli Treaty, Natural Law, the Civil War, both world wars.




D1  The Star of Bethlehem

It was an angel, not a star...and the wise men were never at the manger.


D2  Noah’s Flood

The Deep, the firmament, dark matter, and the universe.


D3  Where Is Heaven?

Up, north, and the frozen surface of the Deep.


D4  The Gap

Eden, Lucifer’s war, the 7-day creation, and why the KOH split from the KOG.


D5  A Literal Interpretation: Making Much of the Word of God

Christ taught a literal interpretation. Examples and applications.


D6  Authority

The issue. The Lord’s prayer, Abraham, Nazi war criminals, private property, etc.


D7  The Quick and the Dead

How to apply the crucial difference between body, soul, and spirit. Verily I say unto thee, except a

man be born again, he cannot enter the spiritual kingdom of God. (See also D21, D8, D10, D27.)


D8  Dogs and Angels

Why both Testaments call pagans “dogs” and God’s people “Christians.” (See also D7, D10, D27.)


D9  How to Grow by Feeding the Spirit

We must work to eat, and eat to grow.


D10  The Wicked Shall be Turned into Hell

Scripture is used to show those in hell are God’s people with spirit life who’ve gone bad, such as

Lucifer and Judas – but the Bible never says the unregenerate go to hell. (See also D7, D8, D27.)


D11  Sex

Masturbation, incest, polygamy, Great Commission and Old Commission.


D12  Marriage

The legalities of espousal & consummation, & how to apply them. Why the NT says don’t marry.


D13  Divorce

Can’t divorce except for fornication. The difference between fornication and adultery.


D14  Expediency

NT says all things are lawful, but when does that apply?


D15  Fornication

The various facets of this very important topic are explained.


D16  Slavery

Yes, it’s in the Bible; but to whom does it apply – and when?


D17  Two Bodies, Two Mysteries

Clean and unclean, the Great Whore, the glorified body and the new earth.


D18  The Body of Christ

We are His body, and He has work to do through us.


D19  Law and Grace

Testaments, laws, and things we learn from them – such as the real eternal security.


D20  Faith, Works, and Salvation

Difference between “works” & “works of the law”; and “feed my sheep” – not dogs.


D21  Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Heaven

KOG is the spiritual realm; KOH is the physical universe. (See also D7.)


D22  The King James Bible Version Issue

Explains why the Bible controversy (is the Bible God’s inerrant word...or “just a translation”)

always focuses on the KJV and never on other versions.


D23  Dominion and Politics on Earth

Christ refused political involvement because He understood a doctrine many don’t know exists.


D24  The Lost Ten Tribes and Christian Activism

The ten tribes, genealogy, and modern rebellion.


D25  Damnable Heresy

Resisting authority is damnable (Rom 13:1,2); clamoring/complaining is a sin (Eph 4:31; Num 11:1).


D26  In the Image of God Made He Them

Adam was in God’s image...until Eve was taken from “them”.


D27  The Immortality of the Soul Controversy

The Bible says all humans and animals have souls, and we humans get immortality only when we are

spiritually born again. That Biblical truth is why your church ignores this topic: It can’t explain how

pagans get immortality but animals don’t...when neither has spirit life. (See also D7, D8, D10, D21.)


D28  In Sickness and In Health

God is very specific about His health plan in both Testaments.


D29  Witnessing and Contending for the Faith

JWs and Mormons are used to show how the Bible exposes false doctrine.


D30  Tongues

There is a difference between “tongues” and “unknown tongues”...and gibberish is neither.


D31  Money and Christian Finances

Tithing, usury, debt, and modern applications.


D32  The Sabbath

It’s not Saturday and it’s not Sunday...but it’s getting closer.


D33  Three Days and Three Nights

Christ was crucified on Wednesday.


D34  Lust A and Lust B

Explains when lust is and is not a sin...and uses modern, specific examples.


D35  Cussing, Swearing, Taking God’s Name in Vain

Scripturally and historically explains how modern Christianity got doctrinally derailed.


D36  Letters on Christian Living

From spousal arguments to the Mark of the Beast...and much more.


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Where to find topics whose locations are not indicated by chapter titles.


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