Set your affection                
on things above.


Fighting the good fight.
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David and Goliath... and Elhanan  
...and the 10th Commandment.
He is risen...            
as He said.
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The night before          
the crucifixion.
If you don't think theology
has made
radical changes
to Christian doctrine,
read this.

Believing the Bible...                
Taking Almighty God        
at His word.

Moses and Abraham.
Off-duty reading:   
Old Soldiers,                      
Old Leaves,           
and Duty.
shared by                         
Christian warriors.
The crucifixion...                
and a poem about it.

Be strong...                                
and shew thyself a man.
The Age of Reason is a free Bible study/Christian
history that shows how and why modern
Christianity became apostate.
These free Christian wallpapers (over 800 of them) have a blend of images, Scripture,
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There's a chariot                
in the whirlwind:
The Christian                    
warrior's dilemma.
Standing on the promises
of Christ my King.
By the living word of God
I shall prevail...overcoming daily
with the Spirit's Sword.

Psalm 112:1                                        
Blessed is the man                
that feareth the Lord.

The Sword of the Lord.
The making of a warrior.

Joshua 24:15                
...but as for me and my house...

Tribute to the inspiration and
inerrancy of the Holy Bible.

The eventful                
Sea of Galilee.

Exhorting the brethren:                
Don't be a weak link.

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Walls for Christian warriors.
Bible believer...                                
or whining hypocrite?
Off-duty reading:   

40 selected poems...

The cross and the crown.
The issue in the Bible:                
Obedience to authority.
Exalting the word of God.        
O how love I Thy law!

The Lion of                       
the tribe of Judah.
Light shining                           
through the Deep.        

Look up,                                
and lift up                
your heads.

"They that go down                
to the sea in ships...
These see the works of the L
Psalm 107        
Noah's ark and the Flood.

Amos 3:8
Promoting Bible study over theology
because of the truth, the authority,
and the necessity of the Bible.

Off-duty reading:   

30 Christian hymns.
Warriors, gird your loins:        
Yea, though I walk -
alone -
through the valley of the
shadow of death...     
Off-duty reading:   

30 selected quotations...
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Why are rabbits                    
on these web pages
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