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Chapter D15

Society's morality has obscured the importance of this multi-faceted topic.  This chapter explains what kinds of fornication are OK and not OK, and why fornication is the only legal reason Christ's brides can go to hell. SOME OF THE TOPICS COVERED: *Helpful word definitions. *Sex that qualifies as fornication. *Sex that is not fornication. *Proverbs, sex, & booze. *Examples of non-sexual fornication. *Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. *When defrauding is lawful. *Why God's people "borrowed" from Egyptians.  (6 pages)

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Tradition has most people thinking fornication is a synonym either for intercourse or for intercourse by or with someone who is not married. And obviously, since I wouldn’t be writing this book if Christianity today were squared away, tradition has gotten it wrong…again. Fornication does sometimes encompass sex, but the vast majority of fornication mentioned in the Bible and committed by Christians has nothing to do with sex of any kind. In this chapter I’ll show what fornication is and why it is such a damning offense. (If you are bound in the kind of Pharisaical morality-worshipping tradition that makes the English language offensive to you, you might want to skip ahead now and study chapter D35.)


The best definition of fornication is “defrauding the brethren.” Since everything we do is supposed to help, to edify, the brethren/church (whether it is showing mercy or rebuking or shunning, etc.), we should never do anything to hurt, weaken, or hinder church members from growing into mature, combat-capable adults armed for our war. The word “hurt” doesn’t mean wayward Christians shouldn’t suffer physical pain, emotional pain, embarrassment, or other intentional and good side-effects of private and public discipline. The reason God commands us to use corporal punishment to inflict pain, and to put rebuking and shunning to good use, is He knows physical and emotional pain are excellent motivators. Pain is good; no pain no gain (He 5:8). The idea that pain is bad or evil is unchristian and anti-Bible and came from the Greek Epicureans, as we saw on page H5-2. Christians today who have sat at the feet of Enlightened theology think we should namby-pamby our thumb-sucking carnal babies. But we should rebuke them soundly and not spare the rod (Pv 19:18) because of their crying. The only no-no is defrauding the brethren. We should never, ever defraud the brethren because that is fornication.


For any sin to be fornication it must defraud a Christian or the church. 1 Co 6:8 says we should not defraud our Christian brethren. And since only Christians are the body of Christ, 1 Co 6:18 shows fornication to be a sin against the church. In other words, we are not to mess with the Lord’s anointed. Defrauding the brethren covers a wide range of offenses, and unlawful sex is but one facet of fornication. Fornication is a broad and very important topic. It is, after all, the only valid reason for Christ to put a Christian away! Fornication is what causes a Christian to fall from his position under the scepter of grace to being under the Law of sin and death. Fornication is the sin against the Holy Spirit; it is defrauding the body of Christ.


The Anglo-Saxon forefathers of the English language used and passed on to us the English word fuck. Today many morality-worshipping Christians think the Bible makes it a sin to say fuck rather than “sinless” synonyms like intercourse, screw, ball, hump, and rut. But this book is written for mature Christians who understand words were made to serve us, not the other way around. They are merely tools used to communicate. Those well-meaning-but-tradition-bound people who think it’s a sin to use “the f word” instead of copulate or defraud are doing just what Adam and Eve did; they are sinning by partaking of the tree that makes them think they know good and evil, and then, based on that which is right in their own eyes, they usurp God’s authority by inventing sins not found in the Bible. Not only are they duplicating Adam and Eve’s sin (Ge 3:7,11), they are following in the footsteps of the Pharisees with the old Mt 15:2 scam (Mk 7:1-9).


The English word fuck, like the Bible word fornicate, encompasses much more than just sex. It means harm, confuse, defraud, as in “He really got fucked by a used car salesman.” That example has nothing to do with sex, is typical of the way fuck is used, and is consistent with the Biblical meaning of fornication. The word fornication can also be used in reference to sex but is not limited to that application because, as I said, it has both a sexual and a non-sexual meaning. It is ignorance and tradition that make many Christians think fornication refers only to sex. I have chosen specific words, including fuck, and have assigned limited meanings to them in order to help clear up the confusion over what fornication is. Here is a list of the words that will be used and the meanings assigned to them:


FORNICATION: To FUCK one of God’s people. (Notice that one of God’s people must be on the receiving end. Notice also the sexual meaning may or may not apply to FORNICATION.)


FUCK: To harm, confuse, hinder, cheat, betray, defraud. (Notice that nothing has been said about God’s people. So if you defraud a pagan, you only FUCKED him. But if you defraud a fellow Christian, your FUCKING is also FORNICATION. Note also that, unlike in common usage, the sexual meaning in FUCK has been removed for the purpose of illustration.)


SCREW: To have sex with. (Notice that the sexual meaning is in SCREW. Whether the SCREWING is lawful or unlawful will be determined by the context.)


The following two sections will cover the sexual aspects of FORNICATION.



We have already mentioned Le 18 in the section on incest. It establishes which people it is unlawful for Christians to SCREW outside of wedlock – other Christians. Therefore we’d expect any examples in the Bible of the sexual kind of FORNICATION to involve Christians – the very people declared to be sexually off limits in Le 18. Let’s look at some examples:


● In 1 Co 5:1 the sin is FORNICATION; by SCREWING (not marrying) his father’s wife in violation of Le 18, he defrauded the church.


● What did Ham do wrong? He SCREWED his father’s wife (Ge 9:21,22,24; Le 18:8; 20:11; Dt 27:20). He was a FORNICATOR; he defrauded the brethren.


● What did Absalom do wrong? He SCREWED his father’s wives (2 Sa 16:21). By SCREWING the very people Le 18 made it unlawful to SCREW – God’s people – he became a FORNICATOR; he defrauded the body of Christ.


● How did David commit FORNICATION? He SCREWED his neighbor’s wife (2 Sa 11:4) in violation of Le 18. He defrauded God’s people.


● When Sechem, a pagan, had premarital sex with Dinah, a Christian girl, he was a FORNICATOR because nobody messes with God’s people (Ge 34:2,7). Sechem should have SCREWED a pagan harlot instead (Ge 34:31); that would not have been FORNICATION since God’s people wouldn’t have been involved. (Note: When this episode happened, Le 18 had not been written. It therefore illustrates God’s consistency; at no time has it been good to mess with God’s people.)


● When Amnon ignored Le 18 and SCREWED his sister (2 Sa 13:12-14), he was a FORNICATOR; he defrauded the church.


In each of these examples the SCREWING was also FORNICATION because FORNICATION is when somebody FUCKS the church. And although you can FUCK/defraud the church in many ways, the above examples are restricted to sexual offenses.



All of the sins in the above section are the result of violations of one of two fundamental Bible truths: First, all unmarried Christian women are to remain virgins. Second, married Christian women are to have sex only with their own husband. (The spiritual application is very simple: We who are the espoused brides of Christ are not to allow ourselves to be seduced, to be FUCKED, to be made impure, to be leavened by false doctrine from any source – Christian or pagan. We must remain chaste virgins.) For these reasons Christian women are perfect types or pictures of the church.


Christian men, on the other hand, are not types of the church. Christian men are types of the Lord, and, therefore, do not have the same restrictions imposed upon them by the Bible. Christian men and women are not equal in the Bible from the standpoint of office, position, rank, responsibility, prerogative, or type. (If you are Enlightened you believe in equality, which makes it necessary for you to reject all of this. And if you call yourself a Christian you can’t come right out and say you reject the Bible so you either wrest all of this or deny the inspiration and inerrancy of the King James Bible – typically you’ll do both.) That is one reason the Bible does not require Christian men to be virgins when they marry. This doctrinal distinction between men and women has existed at least as long as the Bible has, which is why derogatory terms to describe promiscuous women exist like slut, tramp (in its sexual sense), tart, hussy, push-over, round-heeled, easy, easy-mark, sure-thing, and floozy – but there are no similar words to describe men.


One of the biggest reasons today’s Christianity teaches that Christian men should be virgins when they marry, however, isn’t just because of the Enlightened view that men and women should be equal, but because the church today doesn’t understand sex, marriage, divorce, and salvation. Because the church today wrongly and ignorantly rejects polygamy, its doctrine that women and men are required to be virgins when they marry makes sense to it. But because men are allowed, as types of God, to have multiple wives, it would be contradictory nonsense if the Bible required them to be premarital virgins. Let’s see if the ensamples God put in His word for our edification support my contention that today’s church doctrines are defrauding the church:


● Ju 16:1,4: Because Le 18 made it unlawful to SCREW Christian girls out of wedlock, Samson, in order to avoid sin, went to the Philistines to find prostitutes and girlfriends. He did not try to hide it; even his parents knew about it. Their only concern was that he not marry a pagan (Ju 14:3).


● Did you ever wonder why it was necessary for Boaz to issue a direct order to his Christian workers not to try to SCREW Ruth the Moabite, while no such orders were necessary concerning his Hebrew maidens in the fields (Ru 2:8,9)? It’s because unmarried Christian men were allowed to SCREW unsaved girls but not Christian girls. The workers might have thought Ruth as a Moabite was fair game. Ruth was well aware of how Hebrews viewed Gentiles (Ru 2:10,13). For other examples of pagan women who understood the difference between saints ‘n’ ain’ts better than most of today’s Christians see Jn 4:9,27 and Mt 15:23-27.


● Le 19:20-22: Had the sin in this example been FORNICATION it would have required the death penalty (Dt 22:23-25). The reason the death penalty for FORNICATION did not apply in this case is, quite obviously, because this SCREWING was not FORNICATION. It would have been FORNICATION had the girl been a Christian. How do we know she was a pagan? Because she was a bondmaid, a slave, which Christians were not supposed to be (Le 25:39-46). There is a difference in God’s eyes between His Christian women and unsaved women – even if today’s Christianity doesn’t know about it.


● 1 Ki 3:16-28: Solomon neither rebuked nor punished the pagan harlots because “the wisdom of God was in him, to do judgment” (v.28) and he understood the difference between sinful FORNICATION and their legitimate business of SCREWING.


● Ju 11:1,2: Gilead had sons by his wife and he also had a son by a harlot. (If he stepped out on his wife there would be Scriptural grounds to say his whoring was FORNICATION against his wife. However, there is no indication that Gilead’s relations with the prostitute took place during his marriage.) We know the harlot was a stranger, a Gentile, because Christian girls were not allowed to be prostitutes (Dt 23:17). Gilead’s sons wrongly wanted to cut off the inheritance of their brother, Jephthah, because, while he was a half brother, he was also half stranger. Notice the brothers did not accuse Jephthah of being “born of FORNICATION”, but of being the “son of a stranger.” That’s because Gilead did not commit FORNICATION when he SCREWED the unsaved whore. Contrast this with the fact that when the Christian girl, Mary, got pregnant out of wedlock it was assumed FORNICATION was involved (Jn 8:41; Mt 19:9; Mt 1:19). That’s because, since she was a Christian, it didn’t matter whom she SCREWED; saved or unsaved it was still FORNICATION. To add to your understanding, notice the unsaved woman at the well in Jn 4 was never accused by Christ of sin – even though she’d SCREWED several men who were not her husband. That’s because, first, no Christian was involved, and, second, pagans are neither required nor expected to live by the Bible. It was a different situation in Jn 8:11 when Christ said the Christian woman who was caught SCREWING a man not her husband was guilty of sin.


● Ge 38:15-23: Judah was a good Christian man who would never engage in the unlawful sex defined in Le 18. So when he wanted sex he openly went to a girl he thought was a pagan whore (because Christian girls were not allowed to be whores according to Dt 23:17). Many people erroneously think Judah was a hypocrite because, right after going out and SCREWING a prostitute, he was going to have Tamar put to death for also having sex outside of marriage (Ge 38:24). But Judah had not sinned, had done nothing that offended anybody’s “morals” (because pagan morality was not a part of Christian society), and didn’t have to put up with loudmouthed, opinionated, Enlightened Scripture wresters and tradition-bound Bible rejecters of the twenty-first century who thought the morality and ethics they never studied and didn’t understand were probably right and probably pleasing to God even if they didn’t come from Him or His Rule Book. (It’s not a sin to write an occasional run-on sentence, is it? And if it is, could we properly invoke expediency to make run-on sentences lawful as long as it’s for the good of the church?!) Anyway, all of the above is why Judah’s whoring was done openly and without shame or fear that God or man would disapprove. Even Tamar knew it was not sinful for Judah to pick up a prostitute…because he was a widower (Ge 38:12). That means he was not violating any restrictions placed on married Christian men such as Pv 5:3,5,8,15,18,19 and Mt 5:27,28. When Tamar decided to dress up like a prostitute it certainly wasn’t because she was afraid a good Christian like Judah would reject her offer as sinful – what a stupid strategy that would be! No, she knew there was a long list of things in her favor: Judah was a widower; the SCREWING would not be sinful in general or FORNICATION in particular; with her body she figured she would be as alluring to Judah as Abishag was supposed to be to David (1 Ki 1:1-4); it was common and legitimate for pagan prostitutes to cater to Christian men, so Tamar ran no risk of being run out of town as an undesirable element while she waited for Judah to come along; and she knew Judah could afford the service. Unless you allow tradition to make the word of God of none effect you’ll see Judah did nothing wrong. But it was a different story when a Christian woman went whoring; the death penalty was called for and was supported by all good Christians. (Therefore, as Christ’s women we are whoring whenever we are not faithful in our Christian walk.) Modern Christians whose traditional conservative morals cause them to think Judah was guilty of fornication and to think his son, Pharez, was born of fornication don’t realize that if they are correct it means our Lord was born of fornication: When Judah SCREWED Tamar he was contributing to the ancestry of the Lord Jesus Christ (Ge 38:29; Ru 4:12,18-22; Mt 1:3; Lk 3:33). I say again, Judah was not sinning and the Lord was not born of the fornication that modern Christian tradition and morality say He was. Modern Christians do err by not knowing the Scriptures, by letting their religious traditions make the word of God of none effect, and by making the Pharisees in Jn 8:41 correct when they implied Christ was born of fornication. Modern Christianity is inexcusably apostate.


Some well-meaning Christians will argue that places like Pv 7 prohibit unmarried Christians from consorting with prostitutes. While we’re dealing with this it might be quicker if we add the fact that these same people say Pv 20:1 and 23:20,21,27-34 prohibit Christians from drinking intoxicating liquor such as beer, whiskey, and wine. But these are just the old Mt 15:2 scams of the Pharisees – creating sins not in the Bible by allowing the moral traditions of men to make the word of God of none effect – and are easily dealt with. When you read the above verses, note that they are warnings and not prohibitions. Since tradition is a very powerful, influential, and persuasive force we must be careful when we address these issues. For example, I could never win a debate on these issues if we stayed in the three proverbs above. Why? Because tradition makes us think those warnings are or should be prohibitionsuntil we put things into perspective with the rest of the Bible:


● Pv 23:2,20,21 are warnings about eating food. But it’s still permissible to eat food.

● In the Old Testament God’s people were not merely warned about the dangers of marrying pagans; it was recommended that they not do it. But they were still permitted to do so.

● In the New Testament we are warned about the dangers of marrying anyone, Christian or pagan (1 Co 7:32-35). In fact, it is recommended that we not marry at all (1 Co 7:1,7,8)! But we are still permitted to do so.


Why are we warned about things that are lawful such as alcohol, Christian wives, prostitutes, Christian husbands, food, and unsaved spouses, to name just a few? Because as Christian warriors who are supposed to be in control of our bodies we should be aware of the lusts and distractions that can get in our way. Different people have problems with different things. The wise head will take all of this into account when handling and controlling whatever weakness his body may have. Don’t you know what fasting is all about? It’s about learning, practicing, and exercising mastery over your body in the area of the most powerful and most frequently occurring lust you experience. There’s a saying in naval warfare, “Pick out the biggest and commence firing!” That’s what fasting is all about: Food is our biggest lust. When you fast you should be learning to apply the self-control you are exercising over an activity that is both legitimate and necessary for physical life to everything else in life. That’s how you learn to rule well your own body so you can not only just say no! to your body at various times as is appropriate, but also that your well-disciplined body will instantly obey you even unto death! That is, after all, the kind of disciplined servant you are striving to be for the Lord, isn’t it? Isn’t it?


When the modern church incorporated morality and tradition and allowed them to redefine fornication, it found it didn’t know what to do with God’s New Testament advice to not marry at all. So it combined 1 Co 7:9 (covered in chapter D34, Lust) with its new definition of fornication as any sex outside of wedlock in order to conclude most Christians have problems “containing” simply because everyone that pisseth against a wall has a normal desire to have sex. Those misunderstandings made God’s advice that we not marry at all of none effect: How, they wondered, could a man have lawful sex if he weren’t married? So the modern apostate church ignores the word of God, encourages marriage (!), fills our pews with the pagan fruit of our loins, and thereby helps spread the carnal leaven of Reason.


If today’s church knew the Bible, it would advise its pewsters to remain single like Paul. In that way our modern warriors could utilize the massive amounts of time they spend caring for spouses and unsaved children by learning the Bible and helping the church. And if a Christian bachelor wanted sexual relations, he could follow the Bible’s examples by finding an unsaved girlfriend like Samson did (a relationship that might be time-consuming and problematic), or by finding a prostitute (in areas where it is legal) like Judah did (a non-relationship that is neither time-consuming nor problematic). Sex drive quickly satisfied, he could then immediately get back to studying the Bible, edifying the church, and furthering the cause of Christ – rather than homeschooling his children, taking his kids to a baseball game, helping his wife select new drapes, cleaning the charcoal grill for the picnic with his in-laws, or visiting his grandchildren (2 Ti 2:4; 1 Co 7:28,29,32,33).


So be careful with your doctrine lest you condemn the guiltless. And stop telling people it’s a sin to marry just because we are warned in Scripture about the potential problems inherent with having a spouse. The same goes for other things we are warned about such as eating, drinking, and lawful sexual activity by Christian bachelors.


We’ve seen that sexually SCREWING Christians outside of wedlock is FORNICATION. And we’ve seen when sexual SCREWING outside of wedlock is not a sin. Now we shall leave the realm of sex and see when non-sexual FUCKING is FORNICATION.


Let’s review the definition of FORNICATION in 1 Th 4:1-9. V.1 establishes the topic as the Christian walk. V.3 says don’t FORNICATE. V.6 says don’t defraud the brethren. V.9 says the opposite of FORNICATION is brotherly love. Now, while it is quite possible the passage may be referring to the sexual facet of FORNICATION, we are in this section leaving the sexual part behind and focusing on the fact that FORNICATION is defrauding the brethren, or, for our purposes here, FUCKING the brethren. Let’s look at some examples in Scripture:


● 1 Co 10:8: Here the sin of FORNICATION has nothing to do with sex. Why? Because the whoredom of Nu 25:1, which is called FORNICATION in 1 Co 10:8, is the false religion of Baalpeor (Nu 25:2,3). It is also properly called whoredom, not because it has anything to do with sex, but because God’s bride is a whore if she does not keep herself pure by learning and doing her Husband’s will and nothing but His will. When a member of the body of Christ, the temple of God, becomes leavened by knowingly or unknowingly (Mt 15:14; 2 Co 11:2,3) accepting and incorporating pagan philosophy or religion, that leavened member is a serious threat to the purity of the church (Mt 16:6,11,12; Ga 5:9; 1 Co 6:15-20). That is how Christians non-sexually FUCK the church. That is FORNICATION.


From a doctrinal standpoint look at a beautiful aspect of fornication and putting away that reveals the two to be brilliant self-defense or self-preservation mechanisms for the church: First, notice very carefully that in order to prevail against the church the Devil can’t just launch a frontal attack and kill us all; he must destroy us from within (Mt 12:25-31) like he tried to do with Balaam and the whoredom of Peor. Satan must use fifth column warfare because killing the physical old man does him no good. He must seduce our new man into being doctrinally leavened so we can damn the rest of the church from within! Consider that as you read what doctrinal leaven does to the church and who spreads it in Mt 23:13,15 and 15:14. Now apply it to Mt 10:36 and understand this: Unsaved people have never been a threat to the church and they have never defeated us. All of our defeats have come from within when one member leavens the whole lump (Josh 7:11,20). We are no longer supposed to take care of the problem in a Josh 7:25 way, but we are supposed to rebuke, shun, exercise church discipline, and use corporal punishment. When we don’t do that we FUCK that wayward brother as well as the church – which makes us guilty of FORNICATION (Ezek 3:18b). But God’s beautiful planning comes to the rescue: FORNICATION is legal grounds for putting away a wife! If God’s house is divided against itself (meaning Christians are doctrinally FUCKING other Christians and pumping them full of wicked seed/leaven), God will put them away and damn them to hell in order to save the rest of the church (1 Co 3:17 – remember what we learned about the meaning of “destroy”); because you don’t FUCK with God’s people (Mk 9:42-50).


● Ezek 3:18: Ezekiel was told to warn God’s people that they had better repent. If Ezekiel had FUCKED his brethren by not warning them, they would still die in their iniquity, but God would charge Ezekiel with the sin of FUCKING the church – FORNICATION.


● The FORNICATION in 2 Ch 21:11 has nothing to do with SCREWING God’s people but everything to do with FUCKING God’s people.


● Judas Iscariot went to hell because, instead of greeting Christ with the required holy kiss, he committed FORNICATION. He defrauded the church, and that’s the only sin that is legal grounds for putting away and damning a wife. Christ gave His life for the welfare of the church and we are to do the same (Jn 3:16; 1 Jn 3:16) because that’s the only thing that matters (Ec 12:8-14). Helping the church is the opposite of FORNICATION. The reason we are commanded to be charitable to strangers is to keep us from accidentally defrauding angels unawares – because saints are angels. Mt 25:31-46 shows how important it is to avoid defrauding the brethren: The Lord takes it very, very personally! Avoiding FORNICATION is an important, lifelong job. In fact, there is no such thing as neutrality; either you’re helping the church, or you’re defrauding it (Mt 12:30; Re 3:15,16).


● This one is worth repeating because it is a big problem today: The greatly respected, Bible-preaching, soul-winning Pharisees were unknowingly committing FORNICATION by teaching leavened doctrine. Their duped pewsters went to hell and the PHUCKING Pharisees were right behind them (Mt 23:13,15) because God required the pewsters’ blood at their hands. Slothful Christians who do not study the word to find the truth will unknowingly FUCK themselves with their inexcusable ignorance/disobedience, and FUCK the church by being incapable of helping it. They will then experience shocked terror when they see Christ take their FORNICATION very, very personally – after all, they didn’t think all of this was that big of a deal. This is a works religion in which work is mandatory, not optional. As individuals you and I are not important, and our physical lives are not important because we shall die anyway. What is important is the body to which we are attached, the church. Satan is dedicated to the leavening of the church. As individual members whose everlasting future is tied to the fate of our church, we are to devote ourselves to the welfare of the church (1 Co 10:24; Jn 21:15-17).


Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is FORNICATION (Mt 12:24-37). Our first clue is when Christ tells us FORNICATION is the only sin for which putting away is legal (Mt 19:9). And then here in v.31 we learn that blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is the only sin that won’t be forgiven. That makes us think they are the same. Another thing that makes us think they are the same is this entire passage is dealing with FORNICATION: The Pharisees start out by saying Christ is working for the Prince of Darkness (v.24). Christ responds by saying any kingdom whose members FUCK each other will fall (v.25). Then He says something interesting. He says Satan, the King of Darkness, has a kingdom (v.26). There are only two possibilities in the Bible, the Kingdom of God (KOG) and the Kingdom of Heaven (KOH). And then Christ tells us to whom those kingdoms belong (v.28) by saying He represents the KOG. That means the other kingdom, the KOH, is ruled by Satan. Thus we learn from Christ that today’s Pharisees who think the KOG and the KOH are the same are phull of it. He then says those in His kingdom (such as the Pharisees to whom He is speaking) who aren’t working with Him (even if they’re passive or neutral) are actively against Him (v.30). He is warning the Pharisees not to FUCK the KOG He represents. Then in the next two verses He says all kinds of sins, including blaspheming Him, will be forgiven, but defrauding the Holy Ghost, whose job is to edify the church (Jn 14), will lead to damnation. He then goes on to say the wicked can be spotted by evaluating their fruit.


The damnable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is not any one specific sin, and it can be different sins for different people. But it will always involve FUCKING the church in some way. Because many denominations don’t understand this they usually teach that the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is a single specific sin, and they choose something consistent with one of their main denominational doctrines. For example, adherents of eternal security and the immortality of the unregenerate soul say this damnable sin is simply never getting born again via the “sinner’s prayer”. And those who speak gibberish think anyone who says they are speaking gibberish instead of some angelic language caused by the Holy Ghost is committing this damning blasphemy. Many also think it is an unpardonable sin that instantly and irrevocably damns when first committed. But it’s actually like the straw that breaks the camel’s back; it’s when a patient, merciful, and loving Father finally reaches the point that He gives up on an incorrigible saint.


Christianity is a family growth process. It is not at all unusual for babes in Christ to frequently sin because of their Natural carnality, understandable ignorance of the Scriptures, and lack of discipline. As they gain a little knowledge they try to act “big” and think they’re smarter than they really are – like teenagers. These teens are prone to unknowingly FORNICATE or blaspheme against the Holy Ghost for several reasons: They are hot-blooded, they want to conform to the peer pressure of their denomination, and they confuse their denominational loyalty with being a defender of the faith by adopting a “my denomination can beat up your denomination” approach to doctrine.


Ideally a young Christian should mature in the word so the Bible becomes his source of truth instead of his denomination. In that way, when he hears something doctrinally new or different he won’t accept or reject it based on the handful of verses his denomination told him were irrefutable proofs, or worse, without any verses simply because he is blindly following his denominational Pharisee. A mature Christian, for example, would respond to a first hearing of, “Ec 3 says man hath no preeminence above a beast”, with, “Hmm...I’ve never really paid attention to that before. Why do you think it means exactly what it says?” He then has communion with the person who showed it to him to find out if there is any supporting Scripture, and he mentally resolves to check out the topic during his daily Bible study. This is because he is a mature believer whose loyalty and submission is not to his church’s doctrine, but to the word of God.


The immature Christian’s response to Ec 3, on the other hand, will predictably and boringly involve the world (1 Jn 4:5) rather than the word: “Oh, come on! What about the fact that man has an opposable thumb, and can read, and goes indoors when he has to take a...?” Or perhaps he’ll say, “Boy, is that weird! What are you, a JW or something?” And he will drag the conversation away from what the Bible says (a process of rejection that must be outgrown because it is another straw on “Father Camel’s” back) into the Devil’s realm of science, majority opinion, morals, church tradition, etc., so that you find yourself thinking he doesn’t have the sense God gave a dumb ass (2 Pe 2:16).


Denominations are good at producing these adolescents and making sure they never mature. This is accomplished through various means, the most exalted of which is Bible college (compare Ac 22:3 and Ph 3:4-6 with Ph 3:8; Ga 1:16-18; Jn 14:26; Mt 16:17; Lk 10:39-42; 1 Co 4:6). The fact is no denomination will hire a guy who flunked out of Bible college. And no church will hire a guy unless the Bible school he graduated from is approved by its denomination because they know from personal experience that in order to pass with at least a D- he must have marked the exams with the answers the denomination approves of – no matter what the Bible says. In that way these Pharisees are assured that the guy who passed is a flunky like they are, and that he is – unlike every saint in the Bible – not likely to resist tradition.


This organizational immaturity is the most common way Christians are PHUCKED. The Lord said, “Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he [the Father!] taketh away” to “cast them into the fire, and they are burned” (Jn 15:1,2,6). The point is Christians who remain immature (don’t bear fruit) end up FUCKING the church either actively or passively because if we don’t gather with Him, we’re against Him. (Gather is a verb; it is work.)


Our Father in heaven doesn’t like immaturity but it is a part of the growth process – the part He requires us to leave behind. Immaturity is expected in young Christians; they will defraud the church more than once. But this FORNICATION/blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is not a one-time sin. Remember, when King David FORNICATED he was fearful that he might lose the Holy Ghost (Ps 51:11) because he understood the proper grounds for putting away a wife, but his sin turned out not to be the last straw. Any Christian, however, who over a period of time does not mature, bear fruit, and gather with Christ is cut off from the Family (Dt 21:18-21; Nu 14:11,12) as an immature member or branch that offends or defrauds, and is cast into the fire and burned lest his FORNICATION cause the rest of the Body to be cast into hell also (Mt 18:6-9). This blasphemy against the Holy Ghost/FORNICATION is called resisting the Holy Ghost in Ac 7:51. And since the purpose of the Holy Ghost is to teach us to live in accordance with the word of God (Jn 14:15-26), the Holy Ghost is blasphemed and the church is defrauded when we fail to live by the word of God by, as we saw in Ac 7:51, either stiffening our necks or not getting rid of the carnal flesh that can block our spiritual eyes, ears, and hearts from receiving the necessary nourishment from the Vine. To verify that God thinks blasphemy is anything that isn’t in accordance with the correct doctrine the Holy Ghost is trying to teach us, read Ti 1:9,13; 2:1,5,10.


This blasphemy against the Holy Ghost causes God to inflict pain as punishment (2 Sa 12:9-11; He 12:5-17) in an effort to get His child to repent and mature. But if the Christian over time proves to be an incorrigible reprobate, he is no longer spanked – he is executed by stoning, which is a type of the second death in the lake of fire.


There is an important lesson in this for those slothful brethren who want to abuse expediency by slacking off on their Bible study, by keeping the “golden rule,” and by being full of the type of modern “Christian love” that makes me want to puke: If their doctrine isn’t sound they are not good Christians, they are blasphemous FORNICATORS on their way to a putting away/damnation they will think is unfair.


Because all of 1 Co 6 has to do with FORNICATION, I think it’s profitable to take a closer look at it:


Vv.1-8: Here the problem is defined: Christians are FUCKING each other. Defrauding the church is so bad we should even practice v.7b (which is very similar to Ro 15:1) when necessary. By appealing to our sense of brotherly love this passage is using the carrot (rather than the stick) approach.


Vv.9,10: Here the stick (rather than the carrot) is used with the warning, “Don’t you know that unrighteous Christians (the wicked) will lose their inheritance?” And then defrauding is included in a list of other sins that usually get more attention.


Vv.11,12: Here comes the conceptually harder point to understand: Because v.9 indirectly called these FUCKERS unrighteous, which could confuse some into thinking it was referring to the unsaved, v.11 acknowledges that these FUCKING Christians have indeed been washed and sanctified by the Holy Spirit in the name of the Lord Jesus. And because they are saved and are no longer under the law v.12 says, “Yes, I know all things are lawful for Christians, but not all things are expedient.” And then, because God knows it will be difficult for some to understand why that is true as well as how it can be true, He devotes the rest of chapter 6 to explaining it.


V.13: “The church is not meant to FUCK itself; it is supposed to be one with the Lord.”


V.15: “Don’t you know that all of you collectively are Christ’s body? Therefore, because of what leaven does, and because of Le 21:7,9,13,14, as well as Hag 2:12-14, if some member of the church is a harlot like Aiken was at Ai, all members become harlots (unless and until the leaven is removed). Would you like it if that were to happen? Of course not.”


V.16: “What? You didn’t know sex, marriage, and divorce are important and should be applied to this subject!? For two, saith the Bible, shall be one flesh.”


V.17: “Did I say flesh? Because we Christians have two bodies, let me clarify that by reminding you it’s our spirit bodies that are joined (at the marriage supper) to the Lord. Our spirit bodies are the church, not our physical bodies.”


V.18: “So, in order to avoid the disinheritance I mentioned in verses 9 and 10, don’t FUCK the church. Here’s why that is conceptually correct and important to that lawful/expedient stuff: Every non-fornication sin a Christian commits has no affect on, or is outside of, the spirit body of the church because by definition those sins do not affect/defraud the church; on the other hand a Christian who commits FORNICATION is by definition hurting his own church body from within.”


V.19,20: “What? You still haven’t figured out your spirit body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, that is, the body that was born of God? And don’t you know your physical body was purchased by Christ’s substitutionary physical death? Therefore glorify God with both of your bodies.”


If you’re having any trouble understanding the topic of FORNICATION and how it relates to expediency in 1 Co 6 you’re in luck because all of 1 Co 10 is a repeat of 1 Co 6 for those who didn’t get it the first time. It deals with Old Testament saints who were spiritually born of Christ (just like the FUCKERS in Corinth), but fell from grace because of FORNICATION. And we are warned (stick, not the carrot) to take heed lest we, too, fall, because we cannot be part of the Lord’s (marriage supper) table if we are part whore. Yes, all things are lawful for me, however our focus is not to be on self but rather on the welfare of the church. Everything is done to glorify God. That is expediency, which is Mk 12:29-34; Mt 12:7, which is also the true message of the Old Testament (Mt 22:36-40; 12:1-8).



In the first two sections we looked at when SCREWING was and was not FORNICATION. Those were sexual meanings. In the third section we saw examples when non-sexual FUCKING was FORNICATION. In this section we’ll continue with non-sexual FUCKING, but we’ll look at places in the Bible where Christians FUCKED/defrauded the unsaved and it was not a sin.


● Dt 23:19,20: This concerns usury, and although usury is a sin among Christians, here we find it is all right to charge unbelievers for their use of our money and goods. Why? Because unbelievers exist to serve God’s people – that is their reason for being.


● When God’s people were about to leave Egypt, God told them to “borrow” (Ex 11:1-3) gold and silver jewelry from the unsaved even though there was never any intention to give it back (Ex 3:20-22; 12:35,36). The Bible teaches that God and His people knowingly and deliberately spoiled the unsaved. (The church today thinks God and His people were spoiling their own “testimony” as well! Whoa! Did I just say the modern church thinks? Actually, the church doesn’t take the Bible seriously enough to think about and care when Scripture contradicts traditional moral values.) There is a difference between God’s people who are intended to rule the world, and the world’s people who are intended to serve.


Do these examples mean we have a license to steal from the unsaved? No. God’s people only ignored the Commandments forbidding lying and stealing in order to spoil pagans when the Godly interests of the church were furthered. But it does mean we may charge interest fees to pagans as long as those fees are legal according to pagan society’s laws, but we may not do so to fellow Christians. The real value of these examples is in the increased understanding they give us about the law and expediency.


They also help show how “ethics” and “morality” are utter nonsense from a Christian viewpoint, at least to those unenlightened (that means good) Christians to whom sola Scriptura is more than just a hypocritical and empty anti-Catholic slogan. It was, for example, unethical and immoral for thousands of Christians to lie to the Egyptians about “borrowing” their valuables. Why do ethics and morality contradict the Bible and make God “wrong” to tell those Christians to do “wrong”? Because ethics and morality are pagan, and the unsaved Naturally don’t want God’s people spoiling them! So they got rid of the difference between Christians and dogs by basing ethics and morality on equality and the carnal mind in order to pretend temporary and insignificant unregenerate mortals are somehow our equals. Enlightened Christians who run around saying, “What Would Jesus Do?” use ethics, morality, and Reason instead of the Bible, and agree with the unregenerate about the “borrowing” incident and try to explain it away. If you have a problem with that it reveals that you’re not a Christian and can’t understand this stuff, or, if you are a Christian: 1) You haven’t been studying this book by looking up and applying the Scripture; 2) You go to men to find doctrine that is acceptable with the conservative majority or with denominational tradition; 3) You think unregenerate man has at least some preeminence above beasts; 4) You think the unsaved are going to hell; 5) You think you’re going to heaven; 6) You’ve been reading this book lightly and quickly because something in your makeup so identifies with the carnal self-evidence of tradition that you can’t bring yourself to seriously search the Scriptures to see if these things be so because you don’t think they are and because the Bible isn’t really your authority; 7) You’re bothered by the fact that I have a fondness for run-on sentences; 8) You’re an Enlightened Christian and damned proud of it; 9) You’re offended by both my tone and my Scriptural language; 10) Because you never circumcised the carnal flesh covering your eyes and ears you’ve been blind and deaf to the fact that the Bible reveals those who taught you the “Bible” to be blind leaders who have made you twofold more the child of hell than they are; 11) You think God likes it when you do what you think is right and good; 12) You think democracy is godly and totalitarianism is Satanic; 13) You think God’s kingdom will or should be a republic; 14) You think you’ll rule and reign with Christ as a public servant in a level society.


● My final example of legally defrauding pagans is the topic of slavery, but I’ll deal with it in the next chapter.


We have seen in the last several chapters that modern Christianity in these dark last days before the Second Coming is no different from the Christianity of the dark days before the First Coming: We’ve got a bunch of tradition-bound Pharisees with nice “Christian” personalities who have no idea what they are doing! They have emphasized soul winning and gotten an awful lot of people “saved.” Their churches are full of wonderful, moral, hymn-singing families who are following them to hell! They don’t know their doctrine is really leaven. And they have four things showing them they are “correct”: 1) Tradition: They have no idea the historical events of the first half of this book gradually leavened our Christian ancestors and changed the truth of God into a lie. 2) Ethics and morality: Everything in and around their lives that combines to form their whole system of thought and being, whether it be religious doctrine, government and law, the economic system, social and family structure, and even Bible study, is poisoned because it is all based on the very pagan philosophy we were warned about in the Bible! 3) Knowledge of good and evil: We are all cursed with the same carnal mind that invented the modern social and religious structure all Enlightened Christians accept, believe, and hold dear and sacred. That Natural Reason has Enlightened Christians captive, even though they think they are free. 4) Authority: They are their own authorities who respect and value their own opinions.


For the reasons covered in this book, the church is destroying itself with its own doctrine. And while the church thinks it is defending itself from the onslaughts of the Devil by fighting queers, commies, drunks, dictators, flag burners, and liberal politicians, it is being FUCKED from within in violation of the broader, non-sexual application of Le 18.


Have ears that hear...

and endure to the end, comrades!

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