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Info About Hard Copies and How to Order

Note: This page is about buying printed hard copies of AOR.  If you just want to download the free AOR Bible study and/or the KJV only, click HERE to go to the appropriate page.

6aor-new.jpg is a picture of the Bible study book

This is what the book will look like when you get it in the mail.  This type

of binding is the cheapest way to publish the book, and most people like it.

6aor-spiral.jpg is another picture of the Bible study book

The book has 324 pages, and is professionally printed.  The cover is glossy black, 8.5x11 inches.  Its pages are cut and bound nicely so everything lines up and feels well done.  I've been very pleased with my printer.  This hard copy AOR is exactly the same as the free PDF Bible study you downloaded, but it's a real book, and a quality one that will last and serve you well.

The photo at left shows what you can do if you prefer to convert your AOR to a spiral-bound book.  Office supply stores will cut the spine off your book and replace it with a plastic coil.  The whole process costs about $5 (a few years ago), and the spiral binding allows your book to open and lie flat or fold back on itself as pictured.


Buy hard copies with credit card or PayPal
and The AOR will be promptly sent to you via U.S. mail.


Clicking the above link will take you to The Swordbearer's storefront at (my printer of many years) so you can order The AOR "hot off the presses."  Ordering directly from my printer reduces costs by eliminating unnecessary handling and mailing expenses.

At Lulu, click the black-covered AOR, and the book ordering process will be self-explanatory.
The latest price for 1 book is $13.55.  (It used to cost $6.43, then it went up to $12.36 because the global supply chain mess is messing with prices.  This ministry still gets nothing.)

FYI: Lulu tells me how many copies sold on what date,

but I have no way of knowing names and addresses.

If you want some Off-Duty Motivational Reading put together by TheSwordbearer, this link will take you to another page where you may read it and/or download it.  The PDF document includes essays, hymns, poems, quotations, and a poster.

This link goes to another PDF read-and/or-download document, presented as a public service.  It explains the "blind spot" motorists have...and how to eliminate it by correctly adjusting your side-view mirrors.

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