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Bible Study Contents and Links to Chapters

We cannot fight the good fight if we don't know what we're doing. It is imperative that we know and understand the Bible so we don't make the common mistake of fighting this spiritual war by relying on the arm of flesh.  This is a basic Bible study not because The Age of Reason is easy or simplistic, but because getting to know God's Instruction Manual must be the first step to becoming a mature soldier of Christ who is properly trained up in the way he should go.


  • This Bible study is conveniently organized by subject into 50 chapters.

  • Since 1999 this plainly-worded Bible study has been helping Christians master Bible doctrine and see Christianity’s big picture.

  • Gain a Biblical perspective that clarifies world history and current events.

  • Have the kind of understanding that enables you to confidently discuss all Bible doctrines.

  • Acquire the confidence and lasting motivation that come from knowing the truth and walking together with the Lord.

  • Avoid the apostasy within the church during these dark last days.

  • Help other Christians repent, grow, and develop into Biblical warriors.

  • Obtain the kind of advanced, comprehensive Bible education you only hoped you’d get when you paid for your doctorate in theology.

  • Study this book (selected by a Bible institute as a textbook for both students and instructors) at your own pace at home for free.

  • After you finish The Age of Reason Bible study, continue your education with the Trumpets and the War College.

  • Down below this box are brief descriptions of, and links to, the individual chapters in the Bible study. These individual chapters can be read as a web page, or you may click the "Open this PDF" link to open that chapter as a PDF document (that you may read and/or save to read offline).  The PDF chapters have specialized bookmarks to help you more quickly get an idea of content and go directly to that topic.

  • Within this box are two links.  They are for those who want to download the complete Bible study and/or the King James Bible for offline use.

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                    The Age of Reason BIBLE STUDY CONTENTS

All of the individual chapters in the AOR Bible study are briefly described below.  To go to a chapter, click its title...and you may read the chapter as a web page, or you may open it as a PDF document with specialized info-rich bookmarks  and then save it if you wish.


This overview is also a resounding call to arms for Bible-believing warriors.




H1  Lucifer’s Rebellion

This beginning was the foundation for everything – the war; morality (from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge of good & evil); and the shared principle behind 1) fornication, 2) gluttony, 3) drunkenness, and 4) democracy.


H2 God's Special People

Why God made Abraham's people special.  This (with D7 & D8) explains why saints are different from pagans, and how the world's different religions developed.


H3  The Whoredom of Peor

Pagan nations could not defeat God's people, so Balaam, up on Peor, taught them how to corrupt God’s saints.


H4  A House Divided Against Itself

Just as apostasy caused God to divide humans into saints and pagans, apostasy divided the 12 tribes into Judah and Israel.


H5  The Age of Alexander (600 B.C. - 400 A.D.)

He conquered the world and spread the leaven of Greek philosophy/Reason, which corrupted pure faith in Thus saith the Lord.


H6  The Age of Augustine (400 - 1300 A.D.)

He became popular and influential by subtly using Greek philosophy to “interpret” Christian doctrines.  His philosophy- and human-Reason-based writings became the foundation of Roman Catholicism, and led to the “Enlightenment", theology, morality, and modern secular society.


H7  The Dark Ages

Barbarians almost extinguished Enlightened scholarship (Greek philosophy) ...but the Crusades and Catholic scholars brought it back, leading to the Inquisition and to Albertus Magnus' defense of Augustine's acceptance of Plato's theory that all souls are immortal.


H8  The Age of Aquinas (1300 - Second Coming)

Aquinas had a massive impact on Christianity, in part because Augustine had been exposed as intellectually pedestrian, which threatened the continued existence of the Catholic Church.  So Aquinas formally blended Greek philosophy with Catholic doctrine, which made Greek philosophy-based Reason (theology) become “Christian”, and Reason quickly displaced Scripture as the foundation of well as all of Western civilization.


H9  Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation

Luther, basing his actions on what he thought rather than on what the Bible says, spread Reason from Catholicism to Protestantism and Western society.


H10  The British Enlightenment

How Enlightened Puritans used Greek Reason to justify beheading Britain's king so they could “modernize”  both government and Christian doctrine by instituting and legitimizing democracy and theology – which quickly revolutionized all of Western civilization. Notables in this chapter include Henry VIII; John Calvin; King James and his son, King Charles; and Oliver Cromwell.


H11  The American Colonies

How philosophers like Rousseau, Voltaire, Diderot, and Locke used the instinctive appeal of Greek Reason's what-seems-right-in-our-own-eyes carnality (Jud 21:25) to subvert the literal teachings of the Bible in order to launch Enlightened Freemasons, education, Christianity, and the American legal system on a moralistic campaign to reshape government and society.


H12  The Power of Preaching

How preachers spread the Enlightenment throughout the American colonies in order to convince Christians it was their God-given duty to rebel against their government.


H13  One-Man Revolution

How the few convinced the many in the American colonies that England was evil: Sam Adams was a master propagandist who used and manipulated people and events such as: the Sons of Liberty; the Boston Massacre; the Boston Tea Party; Thomas Paine's incredibly-influential pamphlet, Common Sense; Patrick Henry; and George Washington to start the revolution.


H14  The Government of the Founding Fathers

The well-intentioned-but-Enlightened men who founded the USA, why they made the District of Columbia and the Constitution secular, their startling-but-revealing peace Treaty with the Islamic pirates of Tripoli (today's Libya), the mindless popularity of the mythical "Natural Law", the Civil War, and both world wars.



D1  The Star of Bethlehem

It was an angel, not a shining heavenly object...and the wise men were never at the manger.


D2  Noah’s Flood

The Deep, the firmament, dark matter, and the universe.  This shows where those flood waters are today.


D3  Where Is Heaven?

Up, north, and the frozen surface of the Deep.  It’s all right there in the literal exactness of the Bible.


D4  The Gap

This is an eye-opening, fun topic.  Some of what it includes: Eden, Lucifer’s war, the 7-day creation, why the Kingdom of Heaven split from the Kingdom of God, and why God told Adam to RE-plenish the Earth.


D5  A Literal Interpretation: Making Much of the Word of God

Christ taught a literal interpretation.  Examples and applications (in addition to D1 through D4) show that things make more sense, and we learn more, and there are no contradictions when we take God at His word.


D6  Authority

This is the most important doctrine in the Bible, and thissue in life.  Some examples: the Lord’s prayer, Abraham, Nazi war criminals, private property, etc.


D7  The Quick and the Dead

How to apply the crucial difference between body, soul, and spirit.  Verily I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot enter the spiritual kingdom of God.  The Bible says mortal humans are dead because they will die, revealing humans to be eternally insignificant, and the spiritual new birth to be not just important, but necessary. (See also D21, D8, D10, D27.)


D8  Dogs and Angels

Why both Testaments call pagans “dogs” and God’s people “Christians.” (See also D7, D10, D27.)


D9  How to Grow by Feeding the Spirit

We must work to eat, and eat to grow.  It’s all in the Bible, and it’s not complicated: God’s word is spiritual food, Christ said, "My meat is to DO the will of my Father", so doing the will/word of God is spiritual food/growth.


D10  The Wicked Shall be Turned into Hell

Hell was created for spirit-being devils.  Pagans are just mortals.  So only bad born-again saints with spirit bodies have the ability to live forever in hell.  Scripture is used to show those in hell are God’s people with spirit life who’ve gone bad, such as Lucifer and Judas – and the Bible never says the unregenerate go to hell. (See also D7, D8, D27.)


D11  Sex

Masturbation, incest, polygamy, Great Commission, and Old Commission.


D12  Marriage

Marriage is a picture of salvation.  This covers the legalities of espousal and consummation, how to apply them, and why the New Testament recommends we not marry.


D13  Divorce

We cannot divorce except for fornication – therefore, the difference between fornication and adultery is important.  This chapter shows what marriage, divorce, and death reveal about eternal security, Judgment, and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.


D14  Expediency

The New Testament says all things are lawful, but when does that apply, and how do we reconcile legality and reality?  A doctrine many don’t understand.


D15  Fornication

Society’s morality has obscured the importance of this multi-faceted topic.  This chapter explains what kinds of fornication are OK and not OK, and why fornication is the only legal reason Christ’s brides can go to hell.


D16  Slavery

Yes, it’s in the Bible; but to whom does it apply...and when? It has existed for all of history, and its rules are in Lev 25:39-55.  This chapter also shows God had a good reason for having Adam look among animals for a wife.


D17  Two Bodies, Two Mysteries

Clean and unclean, the Great Whore, and how the new earth and the glorified body are related.


D18  The Body of Christ

We are His body, and He has work to do through us, which should not be taken lightly.


D19  Law and Grace

Testaments, laws, blood, real death, Original Sin, how Lucifer slew the immortal Lamb, and things we learn from them – such as the real eternal security.


D20  Faith, Works, and Salvation

This topic is greatly misunderstood, but two of the keys to getting it right include paying attention to the difference between 1) “works” and works “of the law”; and 2) “feed my sheep” – not dogs.


D21  Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Heaven

KOG is the spiritual realm; KOH is the physical universe.  The KOG is God’s, the KOH became Satan’s when he rebelled – Mt 12:26.  But all will be God’s again in the future, and keeping that in mind helps eliminate confusion (see also D7).


D22  The King James Bible Version Issue

Explains why the Bible controversy (is the Bible God’s inerrant word...or “just a translation”) always focuses on the KJV and never on other versions.  The KJV has been known for centuries to have no errors.  Contrast that irrefutable fact with modern versions: they’ve all come from Reason-based “modern textual criticism” and the old E.R.R.O.R. manuscripts; and are therefore full of errors such as Christ is a liar, and Elhanan (not David) killed Goliath. The never-ending “revisions” and “improvements” of modern versions have convinced unsuspecting Christians that God’s inerrant word no longer exists and all we have is “mere versions.”  The KJV’s miraculously-unique inerrancy preserves faith in the literal exactness of God’s word…and is for that reason under constant attack.


D23  Dominion and Politics on Earth

Christ refused political involvement because He understood a doctrine many don’t know exists – dominion.  Adam’s generations had dominion...but lost it and Earth was flooded.  Joshua’s generations got dominion back when he crossed the Jordan into Israel and kings began to rule...but the Babylonian Captivity ended that.  Pagans now have dominion until Christ returns – and why that is significant.


D24  The Lost Ten Tribes and Christian Activism

The ten tribes; genealogy; and modern, misguided, dominionless political activism.


D25  Damnable Heresy

Resisting authority is damnable (Rom 13:1,2); clamoring/complaining is a sin (Eph 4:31; Num 11:1).  This chapter draws upon authority, head-rules-body vs. body-rules-head, and carnality being enmity against God to show how democracy is bad in principle.


D26  In the Image of God Made He Them

We are no longer made in the image of God: Adam was in God’s image – plural.  But then Eve was taken from “them”, which made mankind singular.  Marriage makes us whole again when two are joined – a picture of God’s salvation plan.


D27  The Immortality of the Soul Controversy

The Bible says all humans and animals have souls, and we humans get immortality only when we are spiritually born again.  That Biblical truth is why your church ignores this topic: It can’t explain why pagan souls supposedly have immortality but animal souls don’t...when neither has spirit life.  This important doctrine is absent from Bible courses because most preachers don’t know doctrine well enough to answer with Scripture all the questions that come up.  That ends here.  (See also D7, D8, D10, D21.)


D28  In Sickness and In Health

God is very specific about His health plan in both Testaments.  Many today think this topic is a “for worse” part of our marriage to Christ, but it’s not.  In the Bible they had no choice but to submit to God’s will about health.  Modern science caused that to radically change.  An in-depth Scriptural look.


D29  Witnessing and Contending for the Faith

JWs and Mormons are examples that show how the Bible exposes false doctrine.


D30  Tongues

There is a difference between “tongues” and “unknown tongues”...and gibberish is neither.


D31  Money and Christian Finances

This deals with usury/interest, getting into debt, why tithing is not a New Testament practice, and why “Faith Promise” is a joke.  Includes modern applications.


D32  The Sabbath

The Sabbath is Saturday, it is not a New Testament practice, and it represents the 7th-day Millennial Reign “rest” be prepared for that assembly of saints – because we all want to be there.


D33  Three Days and Three Nights

Was the Crucifixion on Friday or Wednesday?  The Scriptures establish with convincing exactness a Wednesday crucifixion.  A fun topic that, while showing how powerful false tradition can be, is another example of the Bible’s amazing, literal exactness.


D34  Lust A and Lust B

Explains when lust is and is not a sin...and uses modern, specific examples.  This shows the difference between fantasizing, intent, and actions.  This topic goes back to the Augustinian philosophical origins of “morality”...and morality is not a Biblical concept – it's an ever-changing product of human carnal Reason.


D35  Cussing, Swearing, Taking God’s Name in Vain

Scripturally and historically explains how modern Christianity got doctrinally derailed by not paying attention to word definitions and to what the Bible actually says.  Today’s modern “dirty talk” tradition began with “Pardon my French” in old England when it was OK to say shit  – as long as you didn’t say it in English!


D36  Letters on Christian Living

From spousal arguments to the Mark of the Beast, this covers many things that crop up during our daily Christian lives.



Where to find topics whose locations are not indicated by chapter titles.

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