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Chapter D24
The Lost Ten Tribes
and Christian Activism

The ten tribes; genealogy; and modern, misguided, dominionless political activism. SOME OF THE TOPICS COVERED: *History of the Lost Ten Tribes. *Race, genealogy, & Christian patriots. *Jeremiah and England. *What patriots typically preach. *What the Bible says about political clamoring. *Quotes from modern Christian preachers & politicians. *End-time persecution.  (8 pages)

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This chapter does not just deal with the lost ten tribes. The topic of the ten tribes is not even the most important subject in this chapter. Witchcraft is. But the ten tribes topic does help to establish the way many Christians today look at things. Until we get back to the Bible our perspective will continue to be carnal. And as we approach the end times we’re going to have to subdue the carnal mind and dump traditional Christian doctrines or we will be casualties, not victors, in the war.


Some Christian groups teach as dogma the theory of the “Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.” The doctrines and practices of these groups often differ greatly because there is nothing definite in the Bible or in history about the lost ten tribes to unify their theories. But because much of the ten tribe stuff is very interesting, and because this is a good context in which to discuss a growing concern of mine, I’ll briefly review the ten tribes theory, the doctrines that have developed from it, and my concerns for the future. Let’s begin.


The Kingdom of Israel could also be called the Kingdom of Abraham because it is named after its patriarch. But because Abraham’s true seed was to come from Isaac, not Ishmael, it was more appropriate to identify it with Isaac. Whoops, Isaac had two sons! And the true seed was to come from Jacob, not Esau. God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. From him came the twelve tribes, and they generally called themselves by his name, Israel. When the Kingdom of Israel split, the majority (ten tribes) allied themselves with the northern kingdom and kept the name Israel. The dominant tribe in the southern kingdom was Judah, so it became the nation of Judah. The people in “Jew-dah” came to be called Jews to differentiate them from Israelites. When the nation of Israel went apostate, God had them conquered and carried away into captivity by the Assyrians, whose northern geographical border was the Caucasus Mountains that run between the Black and Caspian Seas.


Eventually Babylon, a city in the eastern part of the Assyrian Empire, grew in power and fought to wrest control from the Assyrians. The Babylonians defeated the Assyrians and carried the apostates of the Kingdom of Judah into captivity. The Jews later returned to their former homeland, the Israelites never did. All that is known. Now we’ll get into the ten tribes theory, which is based on a loose collection of conjecture, wishful thinking, Scripture, and some historical facts.


Because England and America are nations of white Christians, we, like the Pharisees, want to brag that we’re “true” descendants of Abraham (Jn 8:33,39). Because Caucasians are white, and since the Israelites in Assyria lived near the Caucasus Mountains, it must be that all white people – whether they’re Christians or not – are related to the “true” seed of Israel. When Babylon rose in power it pushed the Assyrians to the west in a huge migration that took centuries. When the Assyrians migrated west they took their slaves, the captive Israelites, with them. One of the major migratory routes was the river that stretches between the Black Sea and southern Germany. The tribe of Dan named it the Danube, which means the river of Dan. Many Israelites and Assyrians intermarried over the centuries, and many of them settled along the banks of the Danube during the migration. These Israelite settlers who had previously been slaves to the Assyrians were called Slavic people. The names of their countries even identified them as former slaves such as Yugoslavia. The Assyrians largely settled where the Danube quit – in Germany. An influential tribe of the Assyrians was the Halmanni, and the Latin and Spanish words for Germany, Alemannia and Aleman, may be derived from that tribal name. The tribe of Dan went north and settled in Danmark and Scandanavia. One of the regions in Germany is called Saxony because the Saxons settled there. The Saxons were Israelite descendants of Isaac. They were Isaac’s sons, which became Saac’s sons, or Saxons. (Many of the Cathari, Bogomils, and Sorbs targeted by the Catholic crusades and by the Inquisition were of Slavic and Saxon origin.) God’s people at the foot of Sinai worshipped a golden calf. When Jereboam started the northern Kingdom of Israel, he reestablished calf worship. As you saw in D4, The Gap, the calf as a false god is significant because Satan looks like one (that’s the origin of the horns, tail, and cloven hooves). The Hebrew word for calf is engel, but since this calf is a deity, the word engel has a spiritual meaning as in cherub and angel. From this origin one group called itself Angles. Another group of Israelites called itself Berith-ish, which became British.


The Angles originally settled in Angle land, or England. They were later joined by their Saxon kin, were indistinguishable because they were all Caucasians, and became known as Anglo-Saxons. Because they worshipped the golden calf, England became known for its breeds of cattle, and their government, their “Uncle Sam”, is called John Bull. And because Satan will give all the kingdoms of the world to whomever will worship him, the British Empire became the largest empire the world has ever known, and it spread philosophy farther than Alexander the Great ever dreamed of doing.


All of the above is the theory. Now we’ll look at where these “tribesmen” get all of this in the Bible:


In Ge 12:1-3 Abraham was told he’d become a great nation and would bless all the families of the earth. This nation would be a worldwide empire that ruled over “many nations” (Ge 17:5). This is all in accordance with 1 Ch 5:1,2 that says the birthright (inherited real estate) would go to the sons of Joseph, and the ruling crown would go to the tribe of Judah (Christ). Why does the real estate go to the sons of Joseph? Because Jacob, who is Israel, made the two half-breeds, Ephraim and Manasseh, his own sons (Ge 48:5) who would share his name (Ge 48:16). In this way Israel passed the covenant (Ge 48:4) to Ephraim (England) and Manasseh (United States of America). We know which is England and which is America because the younger would become more powerful than the firstborn and would be made up of a multitude of sovereign states (Ge 48:19). The nation that Ephraim got (England) would be northwest of Jerusalem according to Is 49:12. (Yeah, I know, it doesn’t say northwest, but the books these people put out claim to have found scholars who think God meant to say northwest. I’m just reporting.) But that’s not all: This nation (England) would be “in the sea” (Ps 89:25)! England is an island!

They also claim the two sticks of Judah and Israel in Ezek 37:16 were joined in England because Israel got the real estate, but Judah got the scepter (Ge 49:10). The throne of David got to England in an interesting way. Zedekiah, king of Judah, had his eyes put out and was carried off to Babylon (Je 39:7). And his sons were killed (Je 39:6), which made it look bad for the prophecy in Ge 49:10 that the scepter wouldn’t depart from Judah. Not to worry, God had Jeremiah go to Mizpah where it just so happened the king’s surviving daughters were in captivity preserving the royal blood (Je 41:10). From there Jeremiah and the king’s daughters went to Egypt (Je 43:5-7). Jeremiah didn’t go empty-handed, though. He had access to great stones (Je 43:9) which are used to set thrones upon (Je 43:10). The stone Jeremiah took with him to Egypt was one of the very stones mentioned in Ge 28:11,18,22. It is suspected that Jeremiah also went to Ireland because there is an ancient legend that an old, white-haired man arrived in Ireland with a king’s daughter. The story must be true! And it must have been Jeremiah escorting one of Zedekiah’s daughters! How do we know it was Zedekiah’s daughter? Because the tender young twig from the high cedar in Ezek 17:22 must represent the daughter of a king, and this fair maiden was planted in the mountain of England (Ezek 17:23) jutting up from the sea in order to bear fruit and preserve the royal seed so the scepter wouldn’t depart from Judah! The stone Jeremiah took with him has been used in all the coronation ceremonies in England since! OK, that brings you up to speed on the Scripture they use. Let’s move on to the doctrine they build upon it.


First, they try to separate fact from fiction. The people in Israel today are not true Israelites of the pure seed of Jacob. The Bible uses the word Israelites. The imposters in Israel today call themselves by the unscriptural word Israelis. They also call themselves Jews. But not all Jews are true Jews from Judah (Ro 2:28). Therefore these Christian groups today do not want to be called Israelis or Jews because both of those can have a bad meaning. They call themselves Christian Israelites, or various combinations of Messiah, Zion, Yahveh, Yahweh, Ephraim, and Judah. Not all of them make a big deal of the ten tribes, but they all reject the modern existence of the word of God.


When you read their books and literature you’ll be astounded at how far and wide they have to roam in order to find some moron who expresses something in a way that pleases them. Let me list a few of their sources to show you that they haven’t a clue as to where to find God’s truth: A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament; Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible; The Aramaic New Covenant; The Holy Bible From Ancient Eastern Manuscripts; Commentary on the Old Testament in Ten Volumes; The New English Bible With the Apocrypha; New International Version Study Bible; The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life and Thought; Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia; Exposition of the Gospel of John; Expository Dictionary of Bible Words; Smith’s Bible Dictionary; Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible; Strong’s New Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible; Jewish New Testament Commentary; Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament; Documents From Old Testament Times; Unger’s Bible Dictionary; 26 Translations of the Holy Bible; Vincent’s Word Studies of the New Testament; Vine’s Expanded Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words; The Works of Flavius Josephus; Wilson’s Old Testament Word Studies; Weust’s Word Studies From the Greek New Testament; Young’s Bible Dictionary; Young’s Analytical Concordance to the Bible. And that’s just a partial list of sources used for one book! Understand this, most Christians are very impressed by lists like that. But mature Christians know they are all a complete waste of time and are a sign of a poor soul who can’t find a source of truth – or a willful soul who deceitfully searches for ear-tickling words to please others in his denomination.


Anyway, getting back to our modern “descendants” of the lost ten tribes, they don’t even like to call the Star of David on the flags in Israel by that name; they call it the Jew star with a sneer. You see, God hated Esau (Ro 9:13), and what’s good enough for God is good enough for them. Esau was a true son of Isaac, but he was rejected, married into non-white races, and fathered the Edomites. God knew that would happen – no wonder He cast Esau out! King Herod was an Edomite, too, and he tried to murder our Blessed Saviour! These fakes who call themselves Jews also wrote the Protocols of Zion in which they outline their belief that they are the true religion and should rule the world. And look, they’ve already gotten possession of our inheritance – the nation of Israel! These Edomite “Jews” must be stopped; they’re trying to mongrelize us pure whites in order to defeat us! The Jews control the banks and that’s why the moneyed elites go along with them. It’s a conspiracy! Destroy the IRS!


Now you know why so many Christian neo-Nazi groups love Hitler and swastikas, and why many are white supremacists who wouldn’t have given the Ethiopian eunuch the time of day. By the way, many of the more “respectable” groups are very careful with this race stuff. If you ask them a direct question you’ll not get a direct answer. Some of them even tolerate non-white Christians, but they still believe they’re “damaged goods.” Some of them will tell you that because of white conquerors like Ptolemy (page D23-8) and other factors, the Pharaohs to whom God’s people submitted were white – otherwise Joseph and his brethren would never have submitted to them. The king with whom Abraham ordered Sarah to commit adultery was also white – because Abraham knew the value of racial purity. They will tell you that God said Noah was righteous (Ge 7:1) because he maintained his white racial purity. (The “perfect” in Ge 6:9 means pure white.) They will tell you God only told Philip to help the Ethiopian eunuch because the Ethiopian was white. (They claim 80% of northern Africa back then was white, which would still be irrelevant even if it were true.) They think God rejected the Jews because – unlike the Israelites/lost ten tribes – they “mongrelized” by marrying non-whites. They think/hope America is about to have another civil war in which “your uniform will be the color of your skin.” When you talk with them you will not, I say again, you will not be able to get them to discuss the Bible. They will briefly use the Bible – but just as a launching pad to get off onto all the stuff above. Mature Christians will be appalled by the amount of worthless nonsense they dwell on, but the “tribesmen” think it is the “pure” gospel. Any effort to pin them down with what the Bible says will end up the same way it does when you talk to a typical Methodist, Baptist, AOG, JW, Mormon, Church of Christ, Church of God, etc: They say the correct translation of the “original Hebrew” isn’t “righteous” or “perfect” – it’s “pure white.” Only by submitting to the authority of the King James Bible (now I’m doing the talking again) can we ever even begin to straighten out our doctrine in this Age of Reason.


Tribesmen believe it’s time to accept our responsibility by taking God’s covenant with Abraham and with us white Christian Israelites seriously. In order to be a blessing to all the families on earth we need to take over and establish governmental, societal, and familial structures that are in accordance with the Bible. Some of the early steps to that agenda include avoiding income taxes, joining neighborhood militias, packing up and moving around the country as part of a larger effort to hide physically and economically from the government, and spending huge amounts of time and energy studying the laws of the land in order to beat the government at its own game. That’s why they call themselves by various names like patriots. They think that if God didn’t directly write the Constitution, He sure had a hand in it! And they think the U.S. is a Christian nation in grave danger of being taken over by enemies of freedom who are – by their definition – enemies of Christ.


Now let’s see why they’re wrong.


They think they are the chosen seed of Jacob in Ps 105:6-11. They don’t think that is referring to Christ because Jacob (Israel) was to become a great nation and many nations. That use of the plural, therefore, must refer to the many Caucasian physical descendants of Israel. But let’s see if they’re correct about Ps 105:6. The Jacob mentioned could be Christ (Ps 24:6). But it could be Isaac’s sons. The seed of Abraham could be Christ (Ga 3:14,16,19). But it could be Isaac’s sons. The chosen seed could be Christ (Lk 23:35). But it could be Isaac’s sons. So far these Christian Israelites are holding up pretty well, aren’t they? But look at Is 41:8,9 to see that the Israel, the Jacob, the chosen, and the seed of Abraham that God is referring to is the One Who has not been cast away. All you Christian Israelites turn to 2 Ki 13:23 if you want to begin reading about the physical descendants of the patriarchs. Whoops, it’s not definite, is it? It hints that God will cast them out, but doesn’t quite say it, so you’re still hanging on. But, rejoice! 2 Ki 17:20 will set you free of error and allow you to see the light of truth because it says God rejected all the seed of Israel and cast them away. And, lest you think physical Judah (the “true” Jews) is the good half of the seed of Israel, read 2 Ki 21:12,14 to see that God forsook them, too. In sum, Ps 105:6 cannot refer to any physical descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob other than Jesus Christ. Period.


Here’s all we need to know about genealogy: Being out of Adam’s loins didn’t mean anything because God said you had to be from Abraham’s loins. That leaves out everybody from Adam to Abe! Then God said you had to be out of Isaac’s loins, not Ishmael’s. So much for all of the Ishmaelites! Then God said you had to be from Jacob’s loins, not Esau’s. So much for the Edomites! And God stopped there. But don’t you Christian Israelites get too excited; remember, we just saw that being from Jacob’s loins didn’t do it either. But God did stop with Jacob. Do you know why? Because of Ps 24:6. The Jacob from Whose loins we must spring is the Lord Jesus Christ; ye must be born again of the Spirit. Since Christ is the quickening Spirit (1 Co 15:45,47) Who became flesh, and just happens to have been out of the loins of the physical Abe, Isaac, and Jacob, that means all of God’s people, even the ones who lived before Abraham’s time, were sons and daughters of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am. If we’re of the chosen seed, Jesus Christ, we’ve met all the racial qualifications there are.


To quickly recap what we’ve covered: Why are God’s people called “the nation of Israel” and “the Kingdom of Israel”? Because the only “seed” who wasn’t cast away was the Jacob of Ps 24:6, Who is also named Israel, Jesus, and The Mighty God. Christ is the only Patriarch Who matters. If you are born again of Christ you are a descendant of Abraham, Isaac, David, etc. All Christians are the Kingdom of Israel, the church.


Now let’s examine the importance of racial purity. Let’s ignore details like Moses married a black pagan, and Elijah had to go to a pagan woman because none of God’s people would shelter him. Let’s go straight to a Canaanite whore named Rahab (who became a Christian and quit being a hooker). Rahab, sometime after Joshua won the battle of Jericho, married Salmon (Mt 1:5), who probably fell in love with her when he was one of the two spies she hid in Josh 2. Rahab’s son was Boaz, which made him a half-breed. Boaz the half-breed met a Moabite named Ruth (Ru 1:4) and married her (Ru 4:13). This Moabite woman and her half-breed husband gave birth to Obed, who was King David’s grandfather (Ru 4:17-22; Mt 1:5,6). This is devastating to Christian Israelites and Christian white supremacists because it means, according to their doctrine, God Almighty picked the worst possible racial lineage for His Son! And doesn’t it strike you as absurd that these groups who stress racial purity also preach that we’re descended from Ephraim and Manasseh, a couple of half-breeds? The old-man flesh is neither the temple of the Holy Ghost nor the pure seed of Israel because it is both carnal and dead. Only the new-man spirit body matters.


Now let’s examine this business of Jeremiah and one of the king’s daughters continuing the royal seed in England. Because these groups don’t know Christ is the only seed qualified to fulfill the Scriptures, as we saw above, they love to read 2 Sa 7:12,13. They think the “son” of David spoken of is not the Son of David. They think it is Solomon, a son of David. It is necessary for them to think that, of course, if they are to cling to the belief that the throne of Solomon would continue forever. And that’s why they ignore 2 Sa 7:14,15,16. Verse 14 is not only an obvious reference to Christ, it also never happened to Solomon. (To verify whether these verses are talking about Christ or if they are talking about Solomon, compare them with Lk 1:32,33.) But it’s v.15 I want to address.


God took the throne from Saul. That meant Saul’s sons and grandsons were not eligible to inherit the throne, and they knew it (2 Sa 9:6). As we learned in the chapter on dominion, God doesn’t want us to choose our own leaders. God chose Saul, David, Solomon, Nebuchadnezzar, and Pharaoh to rule over His People. The Lord giveth authority, and the Lord taketh away. The Lord chose David and David chose Solomon because a king’s throne passes to one of his sons (unless the Lord intervenes). God authorized and allowed kings to pass the throne down to their sons for many years. But when His people went bad, He actively intervened into world affairs and made the O earth, earth, earth decree in Je 22:29,30. But the dominion-craving Christian Israelites do not accept that decree. God must have made a mistake! Why do they reject the decree? Because it orders us to consider King Jeconiah childless. That decree severed the line of royal inheritance just as authoritatively as did God’s decree about King Saul (1 Sa 13:14; 15:23). One other point: Prophecy says Christ would be of Judah and David. But since God severed that lineage, how is Christ going to start up the lineage again? Notice in Re 11:15 it says the kingdoms of this world are become Christ’s. We usually say Christ will take the kingdoms away from Satan (like Joshua crossing the Jordan). But from whom does He get the authority to do that? From His Heavenly Father, Who will reinstate His policy of the father giving the throne to his son. Lk 1:32,33 says God will give Christ the throne of David, and it says things that bring us full circle back to 2 Sa 7:12-16. (When Christ reestablishes the kingdom on earth will He have the Ark of Dominion with Him? See Re 11:19.)


But if Jeconiah (also called Jehoiachin) really was the last king because he was “childless”, why does the Bible say Zedekiah was king after him? Because God gave Nebuchadnezzar the authority to do anything he wanted. The King of Babylon took Jeconiah into captivity (Je 24:1; 2 Ki 24:12) and then picked Zedekiah and made him king (2 Ki 24:17). That means Zedekiah may have been a Christian, but he wasn’t a Christian king appointed by God – he got his dominion from pagan Nebuchadnezzar.


Zedekiah was a lousy Christian (2 Ki:24:19), but he was right to serve Nebuchadnezzar, just as Daniel the eunuch would later do, and as Joseph did under Pharaoh. But shouldn’t Zedekiah, because of the O earth, earth, earth decree, have realized we have no dominion and refused to serve Nebuchadnezzar like Christ did Satan? No, Zedekiah was under the authority of Nebuchadnezzar. Christ wasn’t under Satan’s authority; He had a choice. That’s why Satan could only tempt our King with what He really wants, with what He must have if He is to remain God instead of one of the gods – kingship. Zedekiah was later wrong to rebel against an authority he considered to be evil and pagan (2 Ki 24:20). He was also wrong to ally himself with Pharaoh, because Christians are to show God strong by letting Him help us, and to show that He is God by submitting to evil when He sends it our way.


Because of the O earth, earth, earth decree, if the ten tribes groups are correct and Jeremiah did take one of the king’s daughters to Britain to preserve Zedekiah’s throne, then Jeremiah helped establish a wolfish kingdom in sheep’s clothing. Zedekiah was under Nebuchadnezzar/Satan, from whom he got his authority, and even though there were many Christians in those days who didn’t understand authority or believe the O earth, earth, earth decree, Jeremiah most certainly wasn’t one of them – and he was persecuted by Christians because of it.


And if the new king in Britain thought he did get his authority from Zedekiah who got it from Nebuchadnezzar, he would have known he was establishing but another colony of Babylon – just like Judah became after the seventy-year captivity. Make no mistake about it, no matter how you examine it, England, Judah, America, and all the kingdoms of the world are under Satan. Had the young “king” in Britain tried to declare his independence from Nebuchadnezzar, I can hear the latter give a response very similar to the one King George III gave to the British rebels in the American colonies, and similar to the one made by God to Lucifer when he was the rebellious king of the garden of God: “I did not grant away my sovereignty over you when I made you a king under me. When I gave you power to make laws and to administer justice, I parted not with my authority to judge whether you ruled appropriately or not. When I gave you authority over such subjects as live within your jurisdiction, I did not give you authority independent of me. You and your realm are part of my realm and are subject to me because two independent authorities cannot exist within the same state. There is and can be but one authority – and I must be obeyed. This doctrine is not new, but the denial of it is.”


The lost tribes issue has now brought us to the issue of rebellion against authority. Most, if not all, Christian groups believe in rebellion against authority; this doctrine is by no means exclusive to the Christian Israelites. Therefore, I am no longer speaking solely in the context of that group. In fact, most of my information now comes from mainstream denominations. But as you’ll see, it can be applied to any Christian who wants to resist an evil government. I will say this about these Christians: They have the type of faith and belief that produces action. They are generally decent, law-abiding people with fine families. We’re not talking about weirdoes. They also have a laudable disgust for the way most Christians live their lives – living in the world with their heads up their asses all week and then spending one or two days a week in church sucking their thumbs. When they run into me, these “patriots” feel a bond with me at first because I can openly discuss anything about the Bible anytime, anywhere. Therefore, they tend to give me books and literature on the issues that are near and dear to their hearts. That’s how I know this stuff. After they’ve had a few conversations with me, however, they usually break fellowship with me because they cannot answer the Scriptures. They prefer a carnal discussion based on old-fashioned, conservative, Enlightenment principles, and they get sick of hearing about the Bible. It’s like one Spirit-filled charismatic told me in exasperation during a conversation that revealed his willful ignorance of the Scriptures, “You make too big of a deal about the Bible! I used to do the same when I was a younger Christian, but one day when I was reading the Bible, God changed the words to spell out across both pages, STOP READING THE BIBLE SO MUCH.” (I don’t believe a word he said. I think he was lying. But I’ll tell you something, what he said is worse than the fact that he was lying. The lie merely shows he is a weak person, the words he chose show he’s a bad Christian.)



When you speak with patriots, as I’ll call them, their speech is laced with philosophy derived from the pagan Greeks – more so than with Scripture. They have to rely on philosophy because the Bible is absolutely against their support for rebellion. I’ll just quote some stuff these Enlightened Christians preach from their pulpits. As you read these quotes please understand the discerning Christian would not sit still for preaching like this. He would be unimpressed and annoyed with the frequent use of words like “God”, “Christ”, “Bible”, and “Christian” in conjunction with arguments based on the Enlightened concepts of the Age of Reason. And while other Christians sat around him shouting “Amen!” he would be shouting “Chapter and verse?”, “What does God say?”, and “Sola Scriptura, please!” Anyway, here is a sampler to show how philosophy has replaced Scripture:


“Israel is called to gain mastery in this world. For in Heaven there is nothing over which to triumph. Thus, Israel’s dominance must occur here – on earth.” “Nations which were once harbors of freedom are hard at work robbing their own citizens of their rights and reducing them to slaves. Nations now populate their highest posts with adulterers, homosexuals, and murderers. America was once motivated by ideals – things like freedom and human rights. Our government is now offensive to every true friend of liberty, to every constitutionalist, and to every thinking man.” “Our philosophy of economics, family, education, and government must be in conformity to the Word of God. Ignorance is conducive only to slavery. Our Lord says, ‘And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.’ Hosea declares, ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…’ If we are to be a free people, we must understand there cannot be any self-government without knowledge of the Bible and the Constitution. Our founding fathers’ philosophy and theology were framed by the Word of God and by other books that applied to the Word of God.” “God has not given over His people to rulers who hate His law. It is a principle of Scripture that when any authority transgresses the laws of God, it loses its jurisdiction and authority. Let me give you an illustration. When the state comes into the church and says it must pay taxes, and it must not preach against governmental policy, the state no longer has jurisdiction and authority!” “Often a Driver’s License is issued only to those who agree to obey all the laws relating to the roads, even future laws. This abridges a Natural Freedom which God gave to man.” “I hope you can see the foolishness of wicked preachers who admonish their audiences to obey governments that are contrary to God’s Word. Can you imagine Christ doing that? I don’t think He would! If you allow Caesar to tell you what belongs to him, he will claim everything you have.” “The Word of God tells us that whatever type of government men set up, its purpose should be to carry out the Bible because Deuteronomy 17:15 says rulers are to be ‘one from among thy brethren.’ ” “It is a common assumption that we should pray for our leaders in government. However, 1 Timothy 2:1,2 says the reason we are to pray for our rulers is ‘that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.’ And in Biblical covenants, when one party violates or breaks the covenant, the other party is loosed from the covenant. Therefore, if our government does not keep its end of the covenant by obeying the Constitution, the citizens are free to overthrow the government. One might ask, ‘Where did such thinking come from? The answer is simple: first, from the Bible; second from the Declaration of Independence; and third, from the Constitution. Ponder this from the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to those ends it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government…it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government.’ This principle in the Declaration of Independence is enunciated in Scripture. We the people have the right to overthrow any government when it ceases to be biblical and constitutional.” “Consider the horrific slaughter of innocent babes which has defiled our land since 1973.” “Today the idea of separation of church and state has become a tool of the state to abandon our Christian foundations. In truth, Christianity’s claim is universal. This great truth dawned upon the world with Constantine’s ascension to power. And this revolution in thinking advanced in theology as men like Augustine forged this new worldview.” “Ancient Athens is usually considered the classic archetype of democracy. In fact, though, this is a bit naïve, because in the ancient kingdom of Israel when Samuel anointed Saul as king, he was not set on the throne until all the tribes gathered, the Lord revealed His choice, and the people ratified it by shouting ‘God save the king!’ (1 Samuel 10:24). Again, Samuel anointed David king (1 Samuel 16), but David did not become king until many years later when the men of Judah came, and there they anointed David king. Church government adopted this when the Protestants broke from Rome, when they rejected the absolute authority of the papacy and opted for more democratic ways of selecting ministers by the congregations or their representatives. This reorganization of Christianity was accomplished by looking into the Bible to discover what it had to say about government. The Bible spoke to them of representative government, so they reorganized the church on that basis. Yet in the same breath, how could such principles be limited merely to the church? Were they not to be applied to every form of government, including civil government? The Puritans in New England brought these principles to America by voting to elect both church and civil leaders.” “It is the God-given right of men to live in the liberty of Christian government, according to the moral law of God, and to be free from tyranny. It is the Christian’s right and duty to be rid of such tyrants and to bring into existence a Christian government.” “It is presumed as undeniable that the people of God, who by the law of Nature are to care for their own souls, are to defend in their way true religion. Why? Because all governmental power is derived from the consent of the people. Our country was founded upon this very principle. When the colonies were established, they governed themselves under the king. His Parliament was attempting to tax the colonists without any lawful right. Do you remember the cry of the colonists? It was ‘no taxation without representation!’ Although the amount of the tax was insignificant, the colonists, upon principle, refused to pay. Samuel West in his sermon of 1776 said, ‘Reason and equity require that no one be obligated to pay the tax that has never been consented to.’” “Our founding fathers recognized and understood tyranny and despotism. They perceived the ultimate end of the king’s actions. They met in Fairfax County, Virginia, and drafted what has come to be known as the ‘Fairfax Resolves.’ The ‘Fairfax Resolves’ is dynamite! It exposes the intentions of George III to subject the colonists to slavery: ‘Resolved that the British Parliament, to extort us from our Money, is calculated to reduce us to Slavery and Misery which is totally incompatible with the Privileges of a free People and the Natural Rights of Mankind.’ All of the Resolves are loaded with such bullets that explode against the tyrannical and despotic government!” “In simple terms, the Resolves offered war. Americans would fight for their freedom. They would not be the miserable slaves of a tyrannical monarch or a despotic government. May God once again allow the fires of freedom to burn in our hearts as in the days of old! May the words of Patrick Henry, ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ become our watchword. These are revolutionary ideas.” “The men at Lexington who withstood the onslaught of the British, had been trained and led by their pastor, Jonas Clark. The American Revolution was led by ministers! Pastors played such an important part in the war that they were referred to by the British as ‘the black-robed regiment.’ The fight against tyranny was encouraged from many pulpits. The trumpet of freedom sounded long and loud from men who loved liberty! As they preached they proclaimed ‘liberty to the people!’ The British despised the pastors. They counted them the ‘leaders of the rebels.’ Pastor Gabriel Mulenburg announced that he would be bringing a special message on ‘the duties men owe to their country.’ The church was packed with an eager audience. His text was from Ecclesiastes chapter 3: ‘To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose.’ He was intense, animated, and fervent. His sermon burned with patriotic fire. His hearers sat on the edges of their seats! At the close of his sermon, he paused for effect and then in tones of thunder exclaimed, ‘The time to preach has passed, the time to fight has come!’ Then he threw off his robes and stood before his congregation in full military uniform! Drumming for recruits was begun on the spot. Many enlisted. General Mulenburg then went to fight for the overthrow of his government! [General Mulenburg said,] “I am a clergyman, it is true, but my Liberty is as dear to me as to any man. Far from thinking I am wrong, I am convinced it is a duty I owe to my God.” It is high time that pastors awaken to their calling. If the civil leaders will not obey God, the spiritual leaders must step in. May God give us men like Pastor Mulenburg.” “If France was secretly plotting against England, the English would act in their own country’s interests, quite possibly violating the laws of France. The Christian must act accordingly by violating the laws if necessary to violently defend the Kingdom of God by denying the right of the government to frame any law contrary to God’s law. Any such law must be taken as an act of war against our King. We must defend ourselves and our brethren who are molested by the government contrary to God’s laws. We must cut off the means of support of the ungodly government. And we must establish righteous civil government.” “Let the reader beware: The overwhelming temptation will be to put down this book and go your way without doing anything about it, imagining that we’ll somehow get to vote on the form of government sometime in the future. It will never happen. The slave states of the 21st century will become more and more depraved. There will be a violent reaction. People are being herded into slavery, and many will balk. The future is ours. We must be ready to make the most of the opportunities for change.”

Because Ro 13 and 1 Pe 2 are so obviously against rebellion against any government, these advocates of modern rebellion must deal with those passages. Let’s see how they do it. Because the dead languages bore me, I’m going to ignore their ridiculous use of the Greek. They use it to impress the gullible and to get Bible believers away from the living words of God. Let’s look at their “proof” from the Bible that rebellion is a good Biblical concept:


“Read Romans 13:4 carefully. The government [sic] is called ‘the minister of God.’ So government is supposed to be like a minister, it is supposed to carry out God’s law. Also the word ‘revenger’ means the government must exact God’s justice and execute God’s righteousness. In verse 6 the word ‘minister’ shows that government is supposed to foster the public worship of God. Government is responsible not only to be Christian, but also to be biblical in every sphere of its function.” “The subjection and the obedience that is demanded in Romans 13:1,2 is conditional. It is conditioned upon the authorities being the ministers of God as mentioned in verses three, four, and six. In Romans 13:5 we are told that we must be obedient to biblical [sic] government for ‘conscience sake.’ What does that mean? ‘For conscience sake’ declares that we should recognize and understand the covenantal nature of government. Therefore, ‘for conscience sake’ we must be in submission only to biblical, lawful government.” “Because Romans 13:2 says, ‘they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation’, we know that, according to the Scriptures, if people do not fight against tyranny and wickedness, they will be damned along with the wicked rulers. The Apostle Paul was in prison on numerous occasions for violating the edicts and laws of the government. Do you actually think he would have turned right around and violated the very words he wrote? Of course not. Paul was not advocating blanket submission to government.” “Whenever the word ‘resistance’ is used many questions arise such as what form of resistance can be used. Violent self-defense is a legitimate means to resist tyranny and evil. It is strange that many do not comprehend this simple principle. Consider the Covenanters who were fighting King Charles I of England. The Covenanters were so called because they did band or ‘covenant’ themselves together in order to maintain the true preaching of the Gospel. The Covenanters violently resisted the tyranny of their king.” “In 1 Peter 2:13,14 is God saying we should obey every bill that comes out of Congress? Is He saying we must obey every edict of government? No, he is not saying that. Peter is demanding obedience to whatever form of government (monarchy, aristocracy, or a republic) that is instituted by man to carry out God’s law. Peter is saying we are only to obey laws that come from a government designed to carry out God’s law and that does carry out God’s law.” “Now in Romans 13:2 [he means Ro 13:1] you will recall that government is called the ‘ordinance of God.’ In 1 Peter 2:13 government is called the ‘ordinance of man. There is no contradiction. Government can properly be called the ordinance of man because it is man who sets up the form of government. But whatever you call it, the government is to create laws based on God’s law.”



I hope you looked up the Scripture and evaluated their arguments and the relevance of their anecdotes. I have given a fair representation of their beliefs about rebellion and what they think Ro 13 and 1 Pe 2 are saying. Your church believes in democracy. Your church accepts the philosophical principles of the Age of Reason. Your church agrees that Ro 13 and 1 Pe 2 support our f-ing fathers’ decision to rebel against their king. To disagree with the f-ing fathers is to risk being called “unpatriotic”, a form of persecution most Christians cannot endure. I’ll now review Ro 13 and 1 Pe 2. You already know what I’m about to say is rejected by your preacher, and your favorite TV preacher, and the preacher you look to for political guidance. Therefore, you are expecting my explanation to be wandering, hard to follow, and to draw on sources other than the Bible (such as the many sources I listed several pages ago). However, if you already suspect that I am correct, you’re probably girding up your loins because, since your favorite preachers haven’t been able to figure out what we’re about to cover, you expect an extremely deep and complex Bible study that might be over your head…like it apparently is theirs. Instead, you will see the topic is straightforward and consistent with everything else the Bible says.


Turn to Ro 13.


The word For at the beginning of v.3 draws from the two previous verses and shows that the following word rulers is a synonym for the higher powers and power of verses 1 and 2.


V.1 establishes the topic, being subject to ruling authority. (Let’s see if the chapter sticks to that topic.) And it tells us why we are to submit to authority: All rulers are ordained, or designated, by God.


V.2: The word therefore draws upon the info in v.1 to make two pronouncements: Whoever resists earthly authority instead of being subject to it, is resisting God’s orders. And anyone who resists God’s orders to obey earthly authorities is damning himself.


V.3: This says our rulers are not a terror to us when we do good works, only when we do evil. But what does good works mean? Does it mean “go by the Bible”? And is evil defined as “not going by the Bible”? No. The word For once again draws upon the previous two verses and lets us know what good works and what evil is being addressed. Therefore this verse says: Rulers will not terrorize those who are subject to them, only those who resist them. Wilt thou then (because of that fact and because God has so ordered) not be afraid of the rulers by being obedient, for which the rulers will praise you. That makes sense, is consistent with the established topic, and is true of our relationship with God, too.


V.4: The ruler is being used by God as His minister to teach you good (obedience). But if you do evil (resistance to authority), you’d better be afraid; because the ruler doesn’t have the rod of correction in vain: for he is God’s minister, a revenger to punish those who resist authority. In other words, because we rejected God’s authority in Israel, He took away our dominion and put us under pagan authority to teach us obedience even when we don’t like the rules. If we properly submit, which will require understanding and self-discipline, it will make us better subjects of God’s. Also note that God’s repeated use of the word minister makes us compare these worldly rulers with our Christian ministers. The worldly rulers are trying to get us to submit to their authority. Our Enlightened preachers are – and have been for centuries – teaching just the opposite of the word of God; they are teaching resistance.


V.5: Because of all of this, ye must be subject to rulers, not only to avoid prison, but because your Christian conscience tells you to obey God.


V.6,7: For these reasons pay your taxes and render all dues they require, such as tribute, customs, fearful obedience, and honor.


Now turn to 1 Pe.


1 Pe 1:1,17: We are strangers sojourning on earth without dominion who are supposed to pass our earthly sojourn in fear, which means obedience.


1:3,4: We are waiting for our inheritance (which will give us dominion).


1:7: Life during this New Testament era in which we are strangers ruled by a pagan world is a trial of our faith.


1:14: We are to be as obedient children, not living according to the carnal mind like we used to. (So far in chapter 1 we see hints that obedience is the topic even though it is interwoven with a Christian greeting and with exhortations.) Let’s move on to chapter 2.


1 Pe 2:8: Because Christ ordained obedience, resisters stumble over Him with their “disobedience.” (They stumble by rejecting the fact that God wants us to obey all earthly authority as spelled out in Ro 13.)


2:11: Here we’re continuing with the strangers-under-pagan-dominion theme, and are once again warned not to live by our carnal minds.


2:12: We are told to do good works among the Gentiles. My contention is that these good works are the same as the good works in the other chapter that deals with this same topic, Ro 13, and are the good works of obedient submission to worldly authority. So just tuck that in the back of your mind and let’s see how things develop from here.


2:13: Here we’re ordered to submit ourselves to every ordinance of man. And we’re told this subjection is for the Lord’s sake. That reminds us of Ro 13, and is verified here in 1 Pe 2:14. In 1 Pe 2:13 it says ordinance of man. Obviously that makes us think of formal laws. But notice that Ro 13:1 says the authorities themselves are ordained by God – not just their laws. That lets us know that ordinance doesn’t just mean formal law. For example, even though the Bible nowhere  says, Thou shalt submit to and obey the will of your pagan rulers no matter what they want you to do, Ro 13:1,2 says that’s exactly what God wants. And then to prove this doesn’t just refer to formal laws, God wrote Ro 13:6,7. This is consistent with the rest of the Bible. It is consistent with expediency. We are always to please God by doing His will – no matter what His formal law says about the shewbread and about hauling some guy’s ass out of a hole in the ground on the sabbath. Ro 13:6,7 shows us this doctrine applies also to things our rulers want – even if the things are not in their formal laws. The idea is to learn to treat our pagan rulers the same way we are supposed to treat God – by pleasing them. If they’ll be pleased by our keeping the law, do it. If they want us to pay income taxes, we are to pay them – no matter what the formal laws and legal definitions say. The issue is not obedience to laws; the issue is obedience to authorities. Our secular democratic republic is hopelessly chaotic; it is a nation of laws that also expects us to obey authorities. Many Christians spend much time trying to become legal experts so they can prove the authorities are acting without “legal authority” in an attempt to beat them at their own game. But when they mature as Christians they’ll realize they’re not only participating in a system that is antichrist (and are thereby supporting it), but have been wasting time they could have spent with God while learning more about His word so they could teach the brethren about Scripture instead of teaching them: “The IRS is a formal institution, which, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, as applied in Political Law, is a system, and is based on laws, or at least applied to us under the color of law. These laws are codified under Title 26 of the United States Code, and are applied to us under that part of the Code of Federal Regulations that corresponds to Title 26. That means, according to the Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 1935 Edition, in the section dealing with…” I mean, really, why would anyone want to give his fellow Christian a stone when he could give him Bread? And surely they don’t think their reply that they’ll give him both makes sense Scripturally? Well, maybe they do because they love to excuse their actions by saying, “It’s necessary to study all of this worldly material in order to not only know our enemy, but also to know more than they so we can beat them at their own game.”


2:14: The definition of evildoers comes from the previous verse. Evildoers are they who do not submit themselves to every ordinance of man.


2:15: The above is the will of God, so you can, with submissive obedience, convince the Gentiles in v.12 who think Christians don’t make good subjects, that we do.


2:18: Servants of God (from v.16), be subject to your worldly masters with all fearful obedience, not only to the good and gentle rulers, but to the vicious tyrants as well.


2:19: Because it is thankworthy if you are submissive and yet suffer wrongfully – because God so orders.


2:20: You’ll get no glory or thanks from God when you patiently endure imprisonment if you deserve that imprisonment because of your faults (violating the ordinances of man), but if, when you do well by submitting to worldly authority and are imprisoned anyway, you endure it patiently, that pleases God. Notice how much suffering has to do with this verse. Gird up your loins, brother.


2:21: Because that is what ye are called to do: Christ patiently suffered wrong at the hands of both Christians and pagans so He could show you how to meekly submit to all authority. You are ordered to follow His example. Now you know what your New Testament Christian calling is, and it is consistent with not having dominion: Submit and suffer: If your rulers are bad, submit, obey, and suffer. If you do obediently submit and they wrongfully violate your “rights” by throwing you into prison like Joseph and Jeremiah, or by giving you the death penalty like Daniel, Christ, and John the Baptist, submit. This is but another illustration that the issue in the Bible isn’t right and wrong, the issue is submission to authority. That’s why both Ro 13 and 1 Pe 2 say obedient submission to authority is “good” and resistance to authority is “evil.”


1 Pe 3:1: Because chapter 2 dealt with submission to governmental authority and God wants to carry those truths over into our domestic life, He begins chapter 3 with the word Likewise. Just like we are to impress our governmental authorities with our selfless obedient submission, this verse says Christian wives are to be similarly submissive to their husbands that any people not living the New Testament Christian calling might be convicted of their sin and repent. (Most people assume this verse means unsaved husbands might get saved. But the words do not say that and are not that restrictive.)


3:6: Christ isn’t our only example of submission to froward authority.


3:13-18: Apply to these verses what you’ve learned about our being good servants to our pagan masters.


You also might want to reread stuff like Ep 6.


As a brief review and in order to help put this issue into perspective I want you to reread the sentence in bold print – and also the referenced Scripture in that sentence – on page D23-6 under the heading “Ark of Dominion Lost.” Then while keeping in mind that God uses these good and bad pagan governors and governments to teach us – with the rod of correction if necessary – to be good, humble, obedient servants, thoughtfully reread Ro 13:1-7 and 1 Pe 2:13-23. Then ask yourself why your favorite preacher never taught you to avoid the rebellious insolence and brazen willfulness of the horrific sin of clamoring (Ep 4:31). Any English dictionary will show that clamoring includes most forms of democratic dissent, disapproval, protest, picketing, striking, protest marching, etc. The Bible says our earthly Christian walk is supposed to demonstrate that we can submit to and please any hard masters that have authority over us – even the froward ones.


With all of that under your belt, and before I wrap this up, read these two impassioned – and revealing – statements by modern politically-active Christians:

Christian pastor: “I have served the Lord as a Bible-believing evangelical Christian pastor for more than 30 years. I am also an American. I revere America’s Founding Fathers and the heritage of this great country. I believe the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights outline the greatest political principles and form of government ever devised by man…I believe in individual Freedom... Furthermore, I believe my devotion to God augments my devotion to Liberty. It greatly disturbs me to see many of my Christian brethren using their Christianity as an excuse for apathy in regard to the demise of our constitutional republic – as if the maintenance of Liberty and Independence is not their Christian duty! Many unbelievers show more discernment and resolve in fighting for Liberty and Independence than do many professing believers. Christians should fight for America’s historic principles. I often hear Christians and fellow pastors say, “God has not called us to get involved in politics,” or “The President is God’s man, and we should never oppose him.” To all of you I say, Balderdash! When you celebrate Independence Day, you are extolling men who took up arms against their own government! The Founding Fathers were pronounced traitors and terrorists by their own government. They were men who also savagely fought and killed their fellow Christians and countrymen for the greater good of Independence and Freedom. How dare you celebrate Independence Day, wave the Stars and Stripes, and then turn around and say we have no right to resist the powers that be? Do we not understand that Freedom and Independence are precious gifts of God? Liberty is worth defending, whatever the cost. How dare you say the Pledge of Allegiance in school or in church? How dare you sing the National Anthem at a ball game? How dare you go vote or encourage others to vote? There is absolutely nothing more political than voting. Are we not interfering with God’s will when we vote? Furthermore, how dare you claim your church contributions as a tax deduction? How dare you hire an attorney to represent you in a court of law? How dare you claim the right to own a firearm? How dare you complain or voice your opinion about anything? How dare you insist upon any foundational Christian Principles and Rights upon which our entire society and way of life were built? Do you mean to tell me we are not to resist the evil machinations of our governmental authorities? If Nathan the prophet dared to confront the great King David, do you mean to tell me we should not likewise be willing to resist those within our own government who trample our Liberties? [Author’s note: This “30-year Bible-believing evangelical pastor” is using Reason-based carnal rhetoric to stir up your emotions so you’ll rely on the god of your gut by knowing good and evil rather than die to self by discerning God’s will from the Scriptures. And by the way, Nathan did not “confront” David; he obediently delivered a message from God (2 Sa 7:4,5; 12:1).] I say again: Balderdash! My dear fellow Christians, I appeal to your Honor, your sense of Patriotism, your Respect for your Founding Fathers, your love of Liberty, and your duty to God: Fight for Freedom!”


Christian politician: “We live in times when men of faith must stand up for our Values and our Traditions.  I am running for President of the United States, and I am asking for your support. I freely confess that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, and…I believe our Freedoms come not from man [such as the Greek philosophers], but from God. My record of public service reflects my reverence for the Natural Rights with which we have been endowed by our Creator. I have worked tirelessly to defend those Natural Rights, which are at the heart of the American Ideal of Liberty. I have also acted to protect…the “Doctrine of Just War.” This Doctrine, as articulated by Augustine, suggested that war must only be waged…for a discernible Moral and Public Good. I am running for President to restore the Rule of law and to stand up for our divinely inspired Constitution. Many have given up on America as an exemplar for the world, as a model of Freedom and Self-government. I have not. I ask you to join me, and to be a part of mankind’s Crusade for Freedom.”



Now we leave the realm of Bible study and enter the realm of conjecture. Because the Bible says history repeats itself, I fear that just as the church has been its own worst enemy in the past, it will be its own worst enemy in the end times. Remember, the context in which we must consider ourselves is that of having no dominion. Does anything in our past seem to apply today? Very much so.


The Maccabees were rebels and outlaws who became religious and patriotic heroes. They wanted self-rule for God’s people. The government tried to stop them. The rebellion went on for a long time. When Christ showed up, Christians realized they didn’t like His politics and voted for Barabbas. Our lust for self-rule, rebellion, and democracy has done nothing but grow stronger since then. Not only is rebellion justified as “Christian”, but democracy itself is taught as a “Christian” form of government supposedly outlined in the Bible. And Christians now actually think their political and social clamoring is pleasing to God.


What if we don’t repent and God allows His pagan servants in our secular government to do things we really hate. And then all these Christian groups who think we should start following the example of “heroes” like the Maccabees begin to destroy government property. Frustrated Christians rally to their cause. The government, like Herod, cracks down with the military. The government outlaws Christian groups who are in rebellion, and mass arrests are made in an attempt to restore order to society. Eventually Christians who follow Christ’s example and are properly aloof from political involvement while being obediently submissive are caught in the middle. They are beaten and killed by Christian patriots (such as the Sons of Liberty and the Maccabees) and are reported to the government as enemies of the state like Christ and Jeremiah were.


In other words, it is possible we’ll bring much tribulation upon ourselves because we don’t know what our New Testament Christian calling is.


According to the last book in the Bible things are going to get pretty weird around the time of the Second Coming. And part of our problem may be our false notions about Christ and His doctrines. What if the true Christ shows up with darker hair, eyes, and skin than is depicted in today’s popular portraits that, to me, look like Buffalo Bill Cody? With His physical lineage He may not be as white as we think – or hope. And on top of that, this particular Christ with His darkish Middle Eastern complexion also has the offensive Middle Eastern belief that women should be shamefaced servants and governments should be patriarchies and monarchies. And to top it all off, while claiming to be Jesus Christ, He begins to condemn today’s Christianity as Satanically corrupted and filled with the doctrines of devils!


We may also have to use some serious Scriptural discernment if some very impressive false Christs come along. Satan has been smart enough to do a pretty good job of fooling us so far, and I see no reason to believe he can’t come up with a false Christ who will very nicely fit our Enlightened expectations and even delightfully exceed them. Supporters of the true Christ will be shockingly few in number if the Bible is correct.


I don’t know what will happen in those days. But it’s going to be bad. It’s going to be very bad because history is going to repeat itself.


Have ears that hear...

and endure to the end, comrades!

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