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        since 1999.

The Age of Reason Bible Study/Christian history

is free, and it has a number of features that appeal to Bible institutes, discussion groups, and individual students of the Bible who want a chapter-and-verse-based, big-picture understanding that allows them to see how various doctrinal topics perfectly complement each other without contradiction.


          This straight-talking, plainly-worded Bible study includes these features:

  • The Age of Reason (AOR) in PDF has two parts; the 324-page Bible study, and the King James Bible.

  • AOR's Scripture references are QuikLinked directly to their respective verses in the Bible (over 4,000 QuikLinks) so you can quickly reference what God says.

  • All 1,189 chapters in the Bible can be instantaneously accessed with the exclusive ChapterVu feature.

  • Each time you use QuikLinks or ChapterVu you can return directly to your original spot with a single click.

  • Bookmarks take you to all 50 chapters in AOR and all 66 books in the Bible.

  • The text in both books is fully searchable: click on the displayed result to go directly to that spot.

  • Highlight, underline, make notes, etc. with your PDF reader.

  • Everything is covered: Bible doctrine, Christian world history, the daily Christian walk, and modern apostasy.

  • AOR can be easily printed in whole or in part (the QuikLinks are invisible and won't show up).

  • This all-in-one Bible education is convenient, comprehensive, and free.

  • You have 3 study options: 

  1. Online here (free) at the AOR BIBLE STUDY link at left (no QuikLinks, ChapterVu, or KJV).

  2. Download your own free PDF copy of the AOR Bible study at the same AOR BIBLE STUDY link. The full Bible study has QuikLinks, ChapterVu, & the KJV.  You may also download the KJV only.

  3. You may purchase a published hard copy at the ORDER BOOKS link at left (AOR only).


Now let's look at some specifics about The Age of Reason Bible study:

The image at right shows the PDF cover page to the AOR Bible study

and the cover page to the KJV.

The AOR and the KJV are both included in the free PDF Bible study entitled The Age of Reason.

You may also – on

the "AOR BIBLE STUDY" web page 

download the KJV by itself (with the ChapterVu feature) .

2c-gouge1f.jpg how to use the links

The GREEN CIRCLES:  The "Jn 8:44" is a QuikLink. Click it and you'll go there in the Bible.

The two arrows in the green circle: When you're finished reading Jn 8:44, click the left arrow and you'll return to your spot in the Introduction.  If you decide you want to go back to Jn 8:44, click the right arrow.  In that way you can quickly jump back-and-forth comparing information.

The RED ARROWS: The magnifying glass (on left) is for the "Find" window used for ChapterVu. Simply type in the Bible chapter's address, hit Enter, and you're there.  The binoculars icon (on right) is for "Advanced Search".  For example, enter "goliath", hit Enter, and a list of phrases will come up.  Select the one you want and click it.

The BLUE ARROW above shows where in the bookmark panel you can find all of this info - and more - about how to use QuikLink and ChapterVu.  The bookmarks can be expanded or collapsed to suit your needs.

ChapterVu is simple and straightforward.  In the image at right, you clicked on the magnifying glass to bring up the "Find" window.  Then you typed in the first 3 letters of the book you wanted, followed by the 2-number chapter (which means add a zero to single-digit chapters), hit Enter...and there you are with the chapter header highlighted.  (If you get erroneous results, it's because some PDF software now requires you to go to the Find window settings – usually by clicking a gear symbol – and selecting "whole words only.")  The ChapterVu directions (blue arrow above) have a few more details you should know.

2c-gouge2a.jpg how to use the PDF find feature

We all have the same tendencies when engaged in Bible study:  When we disagree with something, we tend to not look up the Scripture reference (even when we have a Bible sitting in our laps) because we already think it's wrong; and when we read something we agree with we also tend to not look it up because we already think it's correct.  That means we all have a tendency to be lousy students of Bible doctrine because we're lazy and we think we already know the truth – which helps tradition make the word of God of none effect.

More people download The AOR than get hard copies.  That means most people are reading AOR on their computers.  Therefore, add to the above tendencies the inconvenience of doing a Bible study on a computer.  Having to look up lots of Scripture may cause some of our brethren to shrink from the tedium of constantly scrolling through a computer Bible, or having to constantly flip back and forth in a physical Bible.

Those tendencies make my ministry tougher, because as I begin to expose the apostasy that afflicts the modern church I am going to offend you, which may cause you to think it's not worth the effort to look up the Scripture...and, thinking this Bible study is itself but another example of modern ignorance-based apostasy, delete it.

It is imperative that you look up the Scripture references to see if what you already think is in agreement with what God actually says in His Book. Therefore I hope the quick-and-easy convenience features in this exclusive Bible study will help you gain a confident understanding of the Bible, Christian history, the daily Christian walk, and help you see how and why modern Christianity went astray.

May God bless you for your interest in His word, and may He reward your faithful studies and obedient submission to His word with the kind of growth that results from knowledge of the word, from understanding the meaning and consistency of the word, and from having the wisdom to rightly apply the word to everything in life.

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