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The WAR COLLEGE is a collection of edifying and informative essays about spiritual warfare tactics for Bible-believing Christians.

These WAR COLLEGE trumpets will help you become a better combat soldier by showing you the big picture of God’s overall STRATEGY in this War so you’ll understand the brilliance, the importance, and the necessity of the warfare TACTICS He put in the Bible – tactics that are often ignored by modern churches.  In addition to teaching you proper Biblical tactics so you aren’t engulfed by the myriad subtleties of Satan, this War College curriculum will make you more aware of the way you interact with the Lord during your normal everyday activities.  As you transition from the independence and thoughtless concupiscence so typical of modern well-intentioned-but-clueless Christians you will begin walking with the attentiveness, circumspection, temperance, confidence, satisfaction, and joy of a proper servant of the Lord.

These trumpets are intended to be continuing studies for those who have completed the free Age of Reason Bible study – those who already know and understand the material covered in AOR.

The below index of the 12 War College essays shows you what kind of material is covered.  You may freely read the 60 pages of the War College below in PDF format...and/or you may download it to read at your leisure offline.  The War College document contains bookmarks to all 12 essays.

War College Contents


    Inbreeding, Culling, and the Church

Shows how the Lord was right all along...and we should have believed Him. This first essay in the War College series sets the stage and shows how God made nature more revealing than we thought.


    A Historical Overview of Christian Warfare

Uses an outline of The War to reveal the Lord’s strategy of rearguard action. It also discusses some of His tactics in the war, how those tactics fit into His overall strategy, and why He chose and has used rearguard action ever since the beginning.


     Tactics for New Testament Warfare

You already know how and why the New Testament church became apostate. This Trumpet shows how dumping tradition-based tactics and using Scripture-based tactics could have helped the church in the past...and can now help today’s minority of good Christians endure to the end.


     How to Defend the King James Bible

The only way to Scripturally identify God’s inspired word, and the only way to exalt, defend, and differentiate it from the miasma of ERROR manuscripts and modern Bible versions is to always let the true living word of the living God identify itself via its unique, miraculous, and only identifying trait – inerrancy.


     Winning Tactics for Young Soldiers

Advice about daily routine, Bible study, and a recommended “boot camp” regimen intended to help young and new soldiers avoid well-intentioned mistakes.


     A Tale of Tares Among Us

If “ye are of your father the devil” is literally true, it fits with and explains other things in the Bible.


    Making the Word of None Effect

How modern technology attempts to brainwash us, and how some churches are using those brainwashing techniques.


     The Trojan Horse Eve Let In: Theology

What we should learn from the battle we lost in Genesis 2, how it has divided modern Christianity into two groups, and why we need to apply “a man’s foes shall be they of his own household”. Discusses the Sword of the Lord – the only weapon of our warfare.


     Brothers-at-Arms: Receiving the Holy Ghost

Compares gibberish-talkers’ wresting the word with what we learn about the Holy Spirit when we take the Bible literally, and shows how much we need the Comforter because He is our arm of strength.


     Brothers Disarmed: Losing the Holy Ghost

How most modern Christians disarm themselves and commit blasphemy and fornication.


     Our War is All About Words

Why everyday life and our spiritual war are all about words...and how we need them as anchors for our souls.


     Graduation Day: You Fight Like You Train

This looks at some of the Devil’s tactics; it explains why the Bible tells us to strive – and what that means; it looks at the key difference between King David and Matt Seven; and it underscores the necessity and importance of the above War College tactics by applying them to the Millennial Reign and the church’s Final Battle with Satan and his hordes.

College PDF

The War College

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