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The 40 TRUMPETS in Archives A,B,C,D are collections of edifying and informative essays of a general nature for Bible-believing Christians.

The Trumpets are intended for those who have completed the Age of Reason Bible study – those who already know and understand the material covered in AOR.


All essays contain the kind of Scripture-based material that glorifies God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that feeds, encourages, and challenges Bible believers who have ears that hear and who appreciate and identify with the kind of straight-talking, unpretentious dialog that horrifies tradition-bound politically-correct parade-ground pewsters, preachers, and theologians.  These essays are for you comrades whose very real faith in, and love and respect for the living God who reveals Himself via the inerrant, written, literal, living words in His Holy Bible make you increasingly aware of the fact that you’re members of an elite, very small and ever-shrinking army; you truly are strangers and pilgrims on the Earth who long for a better country, that is, an heavenly...and therefore God is not ashamed to be called your God.

The below descriptions of the Trumpet Archives show you what material is covered in the individual PDF trumpets.  To quickly and easily navigate within the PDF Trumpet Archives, simply use the bookmarks. You may also save the trumpets to read offline at your leisure. 

Index of Trumpets

Trumpet Archive ALPHA (16 pages)



   The Inequality in Equality

If equality is so good, why is it so bad? And how has it hurt Christian families?


    True Love is Impossible for Those to Whom Principles Mean Little

Articulated by Richard Lovelace, a Christian Cavalier serving King Charles I.


   Christian Repentance is Growth

The road to perfection is a process of constant learning and repentance.


   The Evidence of Things Not Seen

Explains how our eyes are opened as we grow.


   What Makes Us Comrades

Something more noble than friendship makes us a band of brothers and sisters.


   A Needle’s Eye

What theologians teach is astonishing beyond measure...and so were the things Christ taught.


   5% Whores...In Jesus’ Name

Are we the Lord’s faithful wives...or do we have a room reserved for Self like Satan does?


   Picking on a Piano

How I found out my love for tradition is a threat to my Biblical discernment.


   A Comrade’s Love and Humility

What we do when “nobody’s looking” says a lot about our love for the Lord.


   Our New Testament Christian Calling:

     Suffer...and Endure to the End

Peter learned and preached that Biblical Christianity isn’t supposed to be easy. That’s not a popular message, and is a big reason most Christians fall by the wayside.

Trumpet Archive CHARLIE (21 pages)



    The Sound of the Trumpet: THE TIME IS SHORT

Expediency in marriage; adultery and whoremongering; women preachers; and men and women as types.


    What A Book!

Praising our Saviour for the Book He has given us.


    Don’t Wait: Grow Now

Why a proper servant’s attitude is important to spiritual growth, and how spanking helps us get off to a fast start.


    No Nobler Deed

The Medal of Honor undermines the nobility of duty.


    Dyslexia and Our Christian Heritage

A sarcastic look at what folly theology has wrought.


    Holy Ground

You and I are in the “Here am I, Lord; send me” business.


    Failing, Suffering...and Growing

Our love for the Lord makes us hurt when we sin...and that’s a good thing.


    I’ll Have Manna, Please.

A fifth-grade reading assignment helped me be more considerate, which is a necessary characteristics of servants.


    Recognizing Unbelief

Unbelievers always look for ways the Bible “could” be wrong; and why KJVers make theologians feel insecure and petty.


  He Touched Me

I once was blind but now I see.

Trumpet Archive BRAVO (29 pages)



    Marital Relationships Part 1: LOVE

This trumpet discusses the kinds of love (principled love, compassionate love, and selfish love) that affect marriages and therefore must be recognized, understood, and controlled.


    Marital Relationships Part 2: CHRISTIAN WIVES

The challenging duties Bible-believing wives must face...and how they can succeed.


    Marital Relationships Part 3: CHRISTIAN HUSBANDS

How Bible-believing men should husband their spouses and submit to Christ.


    Faith, Failing, and Being Alone

My biggest problem hasn’t been with “major” sins; but my “smaller” pride- and fear-based failures sure have caused some major regret.


    Be a Clay Pot...and a Sharp Sword

Emphasizes the need to let the Lord shape us...instead of letting other Christians do it.


    Yesterday was a Good Day

Sometimes the bad days are good because they're just what we need.  Explains what is involved in being a mature Christian...and how to help others avoid being eviscerated.


    What Makes Warriors Cry

Nobody can ever tell me this is just a bunch of syrupy cornball rhetoric.


    In Swordplay and Service: Always Ready, Willing, and Able

The characteristics of true warriors...and of “Praise-Jesus-I-feel-good-but-don’t-know-the-Bible” pretenders.


    Christian Manliness

If we are good wives the Lord will make us good men...and that is what true “Christian personality” is all about.


  Don’t Cast Your Pearls Before Swine

How God hides Himself from unbelievers...and expects us to do the same.

Trumpet Archive DELTA (16 pages)



    Make A Joyful Noise

The quality of worship is determined by the heart, not by outward appearances.


    Music To My Ears

Everything around us – good and bad – can become part of our continual fellowship with the Lord.


    Cheerfully Sitting at the Foot of the Table

How to handle – and profit from – being a stable boy during the Millennial Reign.



Worldly society is hopelessly blind and inconsistent.


    Every Man Did That Which Was Right In His Own Eyes

A framework of correct doctrine makes us able to see what those around us cannot.


    Thy Rod and Thy Staff They Comfort Me

God’s Old Testament punishment combined with His New Testament teaching underscore the importance of the corporate body of Christ. We must understand that we really are parts of His body.


    The Wonder and the Simplicity

Faith and belief are wondrous mysteries to me; but I understand them enough to know the absolute necessity of being a submissive doer of the word.


    In Jesus’ Name

As wives who have taken our Lord’s name upon ourselves we need to humbly keep in mind what that means.


    When Principle Is Involved, We Must Be Deaf To Expediency

Compromising our principles in order to make life easier must become anathema to us.


  Wounded By His Own Household

An attempt to glimpse how and why our thoughtlessness hurts the we might be better able to succor Him.

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Trumpet Archives

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